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Why Write For Me?

TECHINFOLITE provides you a clean, fresh and unique content for gadget updates, blogging tips and tricks, make money online and much more. It is designed for people of all ages.

I am not here to make amounts of money through various ad campaigns or to gain popularity from members/followers. I’m simply interested in providing a fresh, clean and unique content for you, your friends and the world to enjoy and collect knowledge and information.

The Alexa Rank is improving flatly day by day, even time to time.

What Will You Get Writing For TechInfoLite?

  1. Natural Traffic
  2. Permanent Backlinks
  3. Name Popularity
  4. Recognition

Topics/Categories For Guest Blogging:

  • Blogging Tips & Tricks
  • Technology ‘How-To’ Guides
  • SEO Tips and Tricks
  • Social Media Updates
  • Internet Marketing
  • Gadgets Updates
  • Tech News
  • Technology Reviews
  • WordPress Related Topics/Tips
  • Programming Tutorials
  • Computer Tricks
  • Facebook Tricks

MUST READ Essential Guidelines For Writers and Guest Authors:

1. Plagiarism Free Content

Techinfolite respects individual’s hard work but make sure that DO NOT COPY others work and share on TechInfoLite. The posts must be unique i.e. CopyScape passed otherwise if we found copied content, post will be removed permanently.

No warning will be given in any kind, the post will be removed on the spot. So, kindly mind it please.

2. Article/Post Length

Please make sure that ARTICLE MUST BE AT LEAST 600+ WORDS. Otherwise, the guest post should be rejected.

3. BackLink

Only a maximum of 2 backlinks are provided just in the Author Bio (NOT IN THE CONTENT). But be sure that links must be of same niche blog/website and must be for any manual post link (NOT FOR HOMEPAGE). Otherwise post should not be accepted/published.

4. No Affiliate Links

Spreading your Affiliates for getting sales is against our policy, terms & conditions and guidelines. Please remain far away from this. Do not place any affiliate link in the guest article.

5. Must Reply To Readers

Also interact regularly with our readers to answer their problems through commenting with suitable solutions time to time to build trust among them. Be in touch for atleast 2-3 days.

Also if I found no activity from your side to the readers comments for 2 days; then link will be removed on the spot with no warning at all and can not be placed again in any case. (Links will be removed permanently). So, kindly co-operate with readers in comment section.

6. Broken Links

TechInfoLite is running with Broken Link Checker Plugin and in case if your link is found broken, the link will be unlinked immediately and should not be placed again in any case.

7. Images

Please attach suitable and proper images wherever possible for the article you are about to send. Atleast 1 image must be there with the article. Be sure it must not be smaller than 600*300 in dimensions.

8. No Old Link To Be Replaced/Changed

Link will not be either replaced nor it will be changed for old posts.

NOTE: In any case I found you are not following the above guidelines properly; the LINKS should be eliminated immediately from TechInfoLite without any warning. So, kindly follow them all. Thanks!

How and Where to Send Your Guest Posts?

You can use Microsoft Word for writing/sending your posts/articles and after that you can attach the particular saved file with suitable images (also videos if you want) and mail us to techinfoliteguest@gmail.com

For help and any other query you can contact me any time on ashwani.ahlawat2@gmail.com or view CONTACT ME page.

Ashwani Ahlawat

CEO & Founder (TechInfoLite)

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