Tue, 11 Mar 2014 15:17:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What Can Business Intelligence Do For Your Company? Tue, 11 Mar 2014 15:14:50 +0000 business intelligence

Business intelligence is the name applied to a category of applications and technologies used to gather information which helps companies make better commercial decisions. Essentially it allows managers to understand what has happened, when it happened, and what effect it has had.

What is included?

A business intelligence system will draw its data from several sources. This may be from traditional reporting methods, things like key performance identifiers and other metrics, automated alert thresholds that monitor processes and sales, dashboards and one-off queries.

It may use techniques like online analytical processing (OLAP) in order to interpret information and view it from different perspectives. The current trend towards big data, extracting information from large databases of customer and other information, also represents a major factor in business intelligence.

Much of the data needed for business intelligence can be gleaned from the existing analytical functions in things like ERP packages; however, often companies lack the time and resources to exploit it properly.

Self-service BI

Thanks to the power of desktop analytical tools like Microsoft Excel individual employees have long had the ability to perform their own analysis on small amounts of data. Larger volumes have meant relying on standard reports or dashboards provided by the IT department,

The problem is that in an age when businesses increasingly rely on data for decision making the data produced in traditional ways can’t keep up. New reports produced by the IT department often lead to additional questions which require yet another report to answer.

It’s little wonder then that managers increasingly want the ability to extract and analyse information for themselves. Products like Microsoft’s Self-Service BI and Power BI facilitate this by making it easier to extract information from various sources for analysis using familiar desktop tools like Excel and SharePoint.

This cuts the need for costly and complex database projects and means that end users can produce their own reports and visualisations, helping them to uncover new insights.

Unlocking the value of data

There’s little doubt that business intelligence can help to transform your data analysis and lead to more timely and effective management decisions. But it’s often the case that enterprises have large volumes of data locked away in their computer centres that isn’t being properly exploited.

Business intelligence, particularly when there’s a self-service element puts that data into the hands of the people who can use it to good effect and benefit the company in the process. Critically it improves the speed of analysis, allowing management to react to events much more quickly than with traditional reporting.

Of course making the most of business intelligence may need some initial infrastructure investment, placing information in a centralised data warehouse for example, but this is likely to pay for itself in greater efficiency over the long term. This also has advantages for the IT department in that the data is in a location that’s easier to secure and provide controlled access to.

By drawing on the power of existing data and making it more available, business intelligence can help organisations get ahead of their competitors and for that reason it’s something companies can’t afford to ignore.

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Professional Web Designers Enjoying the Freedom of Web Design, Code-Free with Webydo Mon, 10 Feb 2014 03:53:42 +0000 The web design industry is rapidly growing and picking up speed and in order to keep up with the demands of the everyday challenges, website developers and designers both need to come up with innovative methods to stay afloat. The graphic and web designers are always on the lookout for stronger and more professional platforms that will assist them in making web design and development more efficient. With the current method of the designer and developer work model, a lot of energy and time is lost, not to mention that over 70% of the budget generally goes to hiring the developer. The answer to this old method is Webydo, the leading online professional design platform that is enabling professional designers to take full control of their designs from start to finish, code-free.

web design

What are the challengers that graphic designers are facing?

Creating HTML websites for their clients can pose as a tedious challenge for graphic designers, due to the external communication, price and constant back and forth with the developer to achieve site perfection. The technological barriers were the main problems, as while creating a functional website the entire planned graphic design must be converted into HTML code, which is one heck of a job. The designers have to be in constant communication with their clients, both while creating the website, and also managing the developer and keeping up with the maintenance and management of the site.

The Solution, Webydo

Webydo has created an effective solution to all the above problems and its integrated pattern of work has helped in the formation and easy regulation of creating and managing hundreds of websites. Already more than 50K professional designers from around the world have already created more than 100K websites with Webydo’s robust platform. What makes Webydo so powerful is that while a designer is focusing on the creative aspect of the project, their designs are simultaneously being converted to VC3 validated code in the background. To create a responsive website that has cross browser capabilities and can be edited for mobile, tablet and the web is all made possible in with Webydo’s highly advanced platform.  Updating and managing the sites, are also relatively easy. This is not just a solution, but a ‘next-generation software’ which saves both time and money.

web design 2

Professional Features

What sets Webydo apart from the other site creators are their incredible professional features. Firstly, the content management system or CMS was designed to allow designers to have full control over the project. They can set site permissions and grant access to different users to contribute to the editing process, while also locking specific areas of the site so they won’t be disrupted. There is also the option to build your brand, by adding in your or your clients brand logo and sending branded invoices to clients without having to use a third party platform.

With the sophisticated online design studio provided by Webydo, it is even more intuitive for a professional design to create a website. One just needs to put his ideas and designs within an a blank canvas, allowing designers to truly enjoy the freedom of creativity without worrying about writing code. The familiar interface for graphic designing provided by Webydo includes layers window, grid generators, smart guides, videos, ability to insert images, menus, widgets, galleries, ecommerce and many other professional utility. Thus, where code writing required multiple days, Webydo, has brought down the entire process to a matter of a few minutes. So, in this era where everyone has the value of time, this software helps in making its effective usage for the right purpose.


The future of Webydo is in the hands of the designer. What this means for you is that you have a direct say and voice in the future development of this powerful online platform. Webydo created their Participate page so that the community of designers can submit new features suggestions, vote on what others have added and watch as their suggestions are created in real time for them to use on the platform.

Try out Webydo free, create a site and let unleash your creative side. You can create a free account and enjoy 1GB of storage, up to 15 pages of page creation and publish immediately on a Webydo subdomain. If you are looking to upgrade you have the option as well to do so for $7.90/ month when billed annually or $9.90/ month when billed biannually and will have up to 2GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited page creation and can host your site on a custom domain.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we’d like to hear what you have to say.

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OLX: Free Online Platform of Classifieds to Buy & Sell Products Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:37:47 +0000 olx homepage

Do you hear about OLX? is an online shopping site. It is the best and top leading online platform of classifieds in India. If you want to buy or sell something then simple go to and post an ad over there of your product at free of cost. It is widely used especially for cell phones in India. Yes, cell phones are mostly bought and sold over

You can sell and buy about everything like:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Vehicles
  • Electronics & Technology Products
  • Home & Lifestyle Products
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs & Services

And much more…

Yes, is categorized with a wide range of variety of products and services.

olx ad category

When is started? is started in 2006 and with due respect of time it took its place on top in India and worldwide. It was launched globally and it is the best place to buy or sell products fastly and effectively.

You may also like OLX YouTube Channel where you can find various reviews and OLX videos and lot more info about

Best of offers its services in more than 40+ languages and is making business in more than 96+ countries. The offices are located worldwide like Mumbai, New York, Beijing, Moscow and many more.

How it works?

Simply go to and choose your category of your desired product either you want to sell or you want to buy.

OLX TV Campaign has widely launched its TV commercials in a great way. You might have seen OLX TV ads many times in your television with funny acts and stories. I personally like theme very much; the way it begins and the way it ends with a slogan “where buyers meets sellers” and “sab kuch bikta hai”. It is absolutely terrific.

You can watch the OLX TV advertisement video below as an example:

Thing I like the most about OLX

OLX has a very neat and clean interface of its official site Also OLX has its official app on Android and I recommend it as a must installed app in your smartphone. Simple install OLX app in your android smartphone and easily make your way to OLX to buy or sell your product.

So, I consider it on the top of all classifieds. So just choose your product and call the buyer or seller within seconds. J

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Guide to Unlock any Android Pattern Lock in 3 Minutes Tue, 21 Jan 2014 14:28:36 +0000 Android Smartphone Apps


Pattern lock is the most commonly used lock system in android smartphones. Pattern lock is inbuilt in smartphones. It is the most loved and used locking system as compared to PIN or Password lock. In case of mine, about 90% of my friends use pattern lock in their smartphones. It is a high security lock system means not easily to unlock with any simple trick.

But the hack trick is really simple to unlock/hack it. Well make use of it for personal smartphones not your friend’s; as everybody loves his/her privacy. You can try to amaze your friend but do not try for any personal matter.

So, you may think what is the matter to hack it?

Many guys forgets the unlock pattern of their smartphone pattern lock and firstly it will be locked for 30 seconds after wrong pattern attempts. But if many attempts are made then it is locked permanently and be unlocked only using registered Google account.

Android Pattern Lock

Wrong pattern lock android

Some go to service centers to unlock their smartphone and have to spend lot of money. But why? There is another simple way too. Let’s start it.

Follow below steps to steps to unlock your android smartphone lock:

  1. SWITCH OFF your android smartphone.
  2. Now press VOLUME UP key and hold it, then press HOME BUTTON and hold it too, then finally press POWER BUTTON and hold it too (basically you have to press all these three buttons for some seconds).
  3. Then, the phone will start up with an android start menu (you may have never seen it before).
  4. Then use HOME BUTTON to go UP and DOWN in the android menu
  5. Choose the third scheme that is DELETE ALL USER DATA.
  6. After that, your smartphone will TAKE SOME TIME and will RESTART automatically.

Congrats, you are done.

There is no pattern lock now in your smartphone. It is simple and very basic trick. You may lose your phone data but it is absolutely simple and free of cost. Hope you guys liked it and make use of it.

Comment below for help regarding some point or error.

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Top 5 VMware Certifications for Tech Geeks of 2014 Mon, 30 Dec 2013 14:21:59 +0000 Virtualization basically lets one computing device to arrange the task of many computing devices. It is done by simply dividing the resourcefulness from a certain person’s computing device over other environments. The virtualized desktops and even servers simply let the user to have a lot of systems as well as applications being hosted tightly together in various positions. This is certainly handy for the reason that it removes all of the problems just like the geographic limitations.

vmwareOn the other hand, if you happen to be a tech Geek, it would be a good idea for you to know the top 5 VMware Certifications for 2014. This will surely give you much of benefits in terms of enriching your ideas and getting your goals come together, closer to you. From the preparation point of view you can choose CertsHome as it guaranteed to pass.

Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM)

With this kind of certification, you will have greater reliability when deliberating workforce mobility as well as end-user computing, the business trials that VMware Horizon Suite is intended to address, and how to deploy the Horizon solution simply addresses those challenges.You can define workforce mobility and deliver use case situations of how Horizon and workforce mobility can distribute freedom, flexibility, so as manageability while relating people to their data, applications, and even with desktops.

Network Virtualization (VCA-NV)

With the VCA-NV certification, you would have greater standing when it comes to discussing network virtualization, the business tasks that network virtualization is designed to address, and howarranging the VMware network virtualization resolutionaddresses those challenges. You can easily define network virtualization and provide the use case scenarios of how the network virtualization couldimprove the cost as well as the operational benefits of virtualization across the network.

Cloud (VCA-Cloud)

vca-cloudWith this VMware certification, you’ll be discussing more about the cloud computing, the business challenges that the vCloud Suite is intended to address, and how to deploy the vCloud solution. You’ll be able to define cloud computing and provide use case scenarios of how vCloud and cloud computing can take benefit of both private as well as public clouds without alteringcurrentsubmissions and influence a common management, arrangement, networking, so as with security model.

Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV)

With the VCA-DCV certification, you’ll be discussing more about the data center virtualization, the challenges in the business that the vSphere is intended to address, and how virtualizing the data center using the vSphere addresses those challenges. You can easily define the data center virtualization and deliver the use case scenarios of how the vSphere and data center virtualization can offer cost as well as operational benefits.

Desktop Administration (VCAP-DTA)

VCAP-DTA certification is the one that validates your advanced skill with organizing, managing, and troubleshooting the large-scale, production equipped, virtual desktop structures that enable labor force mobility. It also validates your ability to install and manage the highly-available as well as recoverable Horizon View settings while creating policies and sets for a more protected virtualized infrastructure.

So, if you would like to be ahead among other colleagues, gearing yourself by taking the top 5 VMware certifications of 2014 would be best.

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Happy New Year 2014 Special: HD Wallpapers, FB Covers & Greetings Sun, 29 Dec 2013 06:23:43 +0000 2014 is really near and people are confused in choosing unique and best wallpapers and pictures for their desktop wallpapers, laptop wallpapers, FB covers, picture messages etc. Here I have collected some high definition and unique wallpapers cum Facebook covers for you and your dazzling profiles. So, wishing you a very Happy New Year 2014 and may God give his all blessings to you, your family, relatives and everybody in your heart.

Here is a collection of Happy New Year 2014 HD Wallpapers, Facebook Covers and Greetings:

NOTE: Click on Images to ENLARGE them.

Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-16 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-15 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-14 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-12 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-13 happy new year wallpaper 2014 hd Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-7 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-9 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-10 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-11 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-6 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-5 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-4 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-3 Happy-new-year-HD-wallpapers-2014-2 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-28 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-29 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-30 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-31 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-32 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-27 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-26 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-25 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-24 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-18 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-23 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-19 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-20 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-21 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-22 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-17 happy-new-year-2014-hd-wallpapers-1


Hope you guys like these pictures and wallpapers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014. God bless you! :)

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Considerations for Investing in Business Smartphones Fri, 20 Dec 2013 09:27:09 +0000 business smartphones
Choosing smartphone devices for business use is a very different thing compared to picking out consumer phones for personal use. There are a completely different set of considerations to bear in mind. If you are attempting to invest money – and it is often a considerable investment, so it is important to make the right choice – in phones for your business, here are the vital points you need to consider.
  • Which network offers the best coverage in your area? You could buy top-of-the-range handsets for all your team, but the cost will be money down the drain if the devices can’t get a decent signal. Look for network coverage (and don’t just rely on network coverage maps) before you buy.
  • Take a look at business-focused networks. Most of the major mobile networks have offer specialised services for businesses, so it is worth shopping around to compare prices and see what’s on offer from the whole of the market. A network with a proven track record of providing reliable and cost-effective communications services to businesses is the one to go for.
  • Working out what you need from a contract. Whilst pay as you go deals aren’t the best choice for businesses, it can be very tough to choose the right contract. You may save money, particularly on the upfront cost of devices, if you sign up for a longer contract, but you may also end up paying for minutes and texts you just don’t need. However, business owners should consider going for more data, calls and texts than they think their employees will need, especially considering that users of work phones don’t tend to be cautious with phone use when they are not paying the bills.
  • The importance of choosing user-friendly, fit-for-purpose handsets. For years now, BlackBerry has been the go-to device for businesses, but other models may suit your company better. You need a device that is easy for everyone to use, including less tech-savvy members of the team, but that also includes all of the features on your wish list.
  • Investing in 4G could be very worthwhile. 4G phones such as the iPhone 5s, HTC One and Nokia Lumia 625, do undoubtedly cost more than their 3G equivalents. However, for forward-looking businesses, recognising that 4G is the future and investing accordingly makes very good business sense.
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6 Reasons Why Moving from Blogger to WordPress is a Great Idea Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:55:20 +0000 Blogger to WordPress

We continue to see more and more people transfer their blogs from Blogger over to the free WordPress platform. Why you might ask? Well, there are plenty of benefits for using WordPress and it continues to become more and more popular, so why wouldn’t people want to hop on a free train ride that can increase their traffic, the quality of their site, and give them as many options as possible? Let’s take a look at a few specific reasons why you should move over to WordPress.

Static or Hybrid Type Site

You have many different choices when it comes to layouts and themes, and because of those choices, you will be able to have almost any type of site you want. You can have the original blog layout, or you can have a full website with a section that is a blog. Having this choice can really help the user experience if your website offers any products or services.

Businesses will almost surely need more than just a blog layout since they will need to have a services page, about pages, order forms, and everything else they will need.

Search Engines Love WordPress

Search engine optimization is a huge part of being a part of the online blogging community. If you want to gain an incredible amount of traffic, then you have to rank high. WordPress themes have been known to help increase rankings due to the simple coding that spider can easily crawl. There are also plenty of different plugins that are free that will help increase your website’s overall SEO.

Incredible Community

The community of WordPress is extremely large and very helpful. You will be able to connect with other bloggers like yourself to have any questions answered, get ideas, and figure out how to become anoverall better webmaster. The WordPress community is what made the platform so amazing, so don’t underestimate the power that comes from within.

You can easily set up your profiles and be interacting with everyone else within minutes. While you might not know where to start, it will be pretty easy to figure out once you have your own WordPress site and need some assistance.

Free Statistic Tools and Plugins

Being a part of WordPress means that you have access to an incredible amount of different plugins and tools that will be able to help you throughout your blogging experience. Although some of the premium plugins will cost you some money, most of them wont. Every aspect of your website will be able to be enhanced by these, from SEO to the overall layout. If you need some type of interactive part, don’t worry because there is most likely already a free version for you. For example, a simple form. You don’t really want to figure out how to code a form into your website, so you can just install the plug in and your done.

Choose From Thousands of Free Themes and Customize Them

Another incredible part about WordPress is the customization options. Since the community is allowed to create and implement new themes, you will see new themes being uploaded every single day. Once you get your hands on a theme that you truly like, then you can start to customize it even more. If you don’t know any HTML or CSS, you will still be able to make all the changes you want. If you do know CSS and HTML, you will be able to just make any changes directly within the code for a more personal feel.

Extremely Easy to Use

WordPress is known for being really easy to use. You can have it installed and up and running within minutes, then another few minutes and you have your first post up. While you will probably want to spend more time getting your blog looking nice, it just goes to show that WordPress is great for people new to the internet. Along with being easy to use, you will also have the options to get directly into the code for any of you expert webmasters. All around, this is a great platform that will continue to thrive.

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How You Can Measure SEO Success After Latest Google Updates? Tue, 10 Sep 2013 16:22:28 +0000 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of making a websites Internet ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP). Therefore, SEO is the key components of almost every business marketing strategy, and it encompasses several web site components like keywords, content, code, competition, headers, page titles and many more. So, executing SEO campaign may be both labor intensive and more time overwhelming. It is very important to measure SEO Success after Google updates because Google rolls out a new algorithm updated every time.

SEO Success

Every Business owner, website owners or individual who spend huge money and time as well on SEO or for optimizing their websites in the search engines such as Google, yahoo and Bing, always want to know that” are they getting a good return on their investments” “Is their SEO campaign working or not” and Should they continue to invest on SEO campaign”. They can get all the answers just by measuring their SEO campaign just after latest Google Updates. If they get high ranking on search engines pages that means their SEO campaign is working, and if not, then they have to change their strategy for better ranking. Below, we have given some major areas, you must to measure:

Conversion Rates: An important element of SEO success, which will provide a good and clear idea about your SEO success after any new algorithm update by Google, is “Conversion Rate”. If your research keywords are exactly where your traffic is coming from, then your SEO team did an excellent job. For example, if your site gets 100 visitors, and out of 100, 5 turns into your customers, then your conversion rate is 5%. Remember, track your conversion rate on a monthly basis so will know “Is it moving or not”. If it is moving, then ok, if not, then you need to look closely at your SEO marketing strategy.

Social Marketing Success:  Today, social media or social media optimization is one of the big and important parts of SEO, and if you hire an SEO company for your website, then it is a good sign or indication for your business if your social marketing success climbs. You can evaluate you social marketing success by knowing “Is your Twitter follower numbers increasing day by day? Has your Facebook friend list is growing? Or is your social campaign bringing traffic to your sites? also look 10 ways to increase twitter followers “

Traffic: After Google fourth penguin update one must evaluate the quality as well as the volume of traffic, which first page rankings deliver after Google updates, because the first page ranking is useless if do not provide a sufficient right kind of traffic. You can use some matrices including Bounce Rate and Pages per Visit to determine the quality of traffic while volume can be measured by on the total number visits that come from organic search.

Other important areas you must measure are Traffic Levels, Page Rank, Lead Generation, etc. Tracking these important components will not only provide you to measure your SEO current performance or success  after Google updates, but also  allows to help you take the right decisions for the success of your SEO campaign in the future.

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How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers Mon, 02 Sep 2013 15:03:14 +0000 Facebook hacking is one the leading trend from last 2-3 years among people worldwide. People love to hack others Facebook accounts especially of their relatives and their friends. Facebook hacking is either be done for fun purpose to amaze or it can also be done because of personal harassment with anybody.

So, hacking Facebook accounts is really increasing day by day by hackers as well as techy guys. Facebook hack is not an easy task to do. It needs best tricks and tactics to hack a Facebook account. However, it is really easy to hack Facebook accounts by IT professionals and professional ethical hackers but it is quite difficult to hack Facebook account by an individual guy.

Facebook safety tips

Professional ethical hackers have many ways to hack without letting the victim knew about hack but any individual guy has to follow tricks such as 3 Trusted Friend Trick, Facebook Phishing Technique or Key logging.

I have also posted about 2 working tricks few months ago to hack Facebook account password. Check them out:

So, what I am really trying to say that if you follow some good security settings and some minor things in mind so you can easily save your Facebook account to be hacked by your friends or other unprofessional hackers. Hackers might be your friend, your relative or any known guy.

As you all know very well, that a Facebook account is not just only a social media account for everybody; it contains your all private messages, information and other kind of important data. So, you feel really bad if your account will be hacked by somebody for any wrong intension.

Hackers may,

  • Insult you in front of your online friends
  • Steal your private and personal photos
  • Steal your personal number
  • Steal your personal chats and messages
  • Some might saves their passwords and make notes so they can be easily stolen

So, basically there is no end of reasons and demerits of your account to be hacked by somebody.

Therefore, I am sharing some minor things to keep in mind to save your Facebook account from hackers. Check these out:

Guide to save your Facebook account from Hackers:

1. Hide Email Address: This is the first thing to keep in mind that always make sure that you have hidden your email address in your account settings as most of hackers uses email address for hacking and it is really easy to hack Facebook accounts by using email address.

So, make sure to hide your Email address from your Facebook profile.

2. Hide Mobile Number: The next thing to keep in mind is that always set your mobile number private and do not let it be shown on your profile. Hide it quickly. It is the next thing that someone may tweak you by using your mobile number and one can easily social engineer your mind with some tricks by using your contact/mobile number.

So, always hide your mobile number along with email address.

3. Limit Friend Requests (Sending): Always limit your friend requests. Do not send friend request to any unknown person. It loose your string of security and Facebook consider you a scammer and unreal user and might block you for this.

So, next thing to keep in mind is that do not send friend requests to unknown people to save your account to be hacked or blocked.

4. Limit Friend Requests (Accepting): As I mentioned above to limit your friend requests while sending likewise you have to limit to accept unknown people friend requests. Never accept friend request of unknown people. Make sure either he is your known friend or friend of a friend.

So, never accept friend requests from unknown people. It increases chances of your Facebook account to be hacked by using 3 Trusted Friend trick. So, always keep this in mind to save your Facebook account.

5. Avoid Untrusted Apps: You see many notifications of your friends using variable ads and apps. Never try to use such apps which are untrusted. They hidely collect your private data and password of your account.

So, always try to avoid such ads and apps on Facebook. Use only trusted apps. Otherwise your account can be easily hacked by someone without letting you know and can never be recovered.

6. Avoid Tagging Random Friends: Many guys tags so many friends in their photos either to gain some likes or to make it visible to many. But this results in your account to be blocked forever. Blocking is another problem just like hacking where you lose your account permanently.

In many cases your account is temporarily blocked by Facebook and in security pass you will be asked to identify your friends tagging location in your photo. You can never get success in it if you tag so many unwanted friends in your photos.

So, always tag only those friends who are really related to the photo.

You May Like It: Download My eBook “How To Hack Facebook  Account Easily?”


These are the important facts and things to keep in mind to make your account Hacker proof and save it from hackers worldwide.

Just follow the above things and your account will be safe.

If you feel any type of confusion or if you think something is missed in the tips, you can comment below.

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