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  1. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    wow..great post. I need this to keep track of my 15 year old’s activities. That smart chap has blocked me from his account after I ‘caught’ him updating his Facebook status at 1.53 AM last year during his Class X Board exams (he was supposed to sleeping at that time). ;)
    Thanks for sharing- I’m gonna try this right away! :)

    • Ashwani

      LOL, yeah this trick surely gonna work with the little master only if he is not a techy guy. Other he may know about phishing and all. But I don’t think so he know about it. So, you may try mam. And thanks mam. :)

      BTW I don’t wish you to hack your son’s account as I am also a teen mam, and I know perfectly how it feels, if my mum hack my account. OH MY GOD. I feel scared even thinking of it. :P

      • Hi Ashwani, Thats a nice share and knowledge. But don’t you think many of the bad people can also misuse this information to hack innocent user accounts? As you’ve also shared the Phishing files download link openly.
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        • Ashwani

          Well nobody gonna hurt innocent people because everybody want to hack with personal intention. And simply it is also a security alert to guys, so basically if they anti-follow this post then they might be secured too of the hackers. :)

          • vipin

            wer i get dat passes.txt file….
            is my web site is right ?

          • Ashwani

            No, there is database error.

      • I got everything,passes and all but which link i will send to my friends?help

        • Ashwani

          The link as your domain name link.

  2. Ourok Ashour

    hey, can you please tell me what I’m suppose to open the downloaded page with?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry didn’t got you Ourok.

      • assenge julian dalim

        no its ok

  3. Hey, i still wasnt able to find the Facebook Phishing Link. i uploaded the file that you provided to the file manager. i dont know where to go excactly to get the link.
    help. thanks

    • Ashwani

      It will be in the format I told already in the post :O

  4. Hiii Ashwani please help me my facebook account is temporarily locked and verify option also not given.
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    • Ashwani

      Hows it possible that verify option is not there? :O

  5. leamae

    how can I upload the Facebook phishing files (you downloaded from the first step) to the file manager menu in your free hosting site account (after creating account).

    • Ashwani

      There will be upload option to upload files to file manager.

  6. This is totally fun. But I just wish hackers should not do it for intentional wrong purposes. We have to respect other’s privacy.

    • Ashwani

      Yes, nobody have to do with personal bad intensions. It is just a funny trick to amaze friends. :)

  7. Satyakam Pradhan

    That’s an cracker of an article. In the same way we can crack the Gmail accounts too.

    • Ashwani

      Yes in the same way we can phish of any site if it was Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. All we have is to make phishing files. :)

  8. Mark

    Hey thanks for the trick, but now Fb has this warning that you get from a non-fb web and suggest to change your pass, Any trick for that my friend?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry didn’t got you Mark?

      • Mark

        Its a warning from FB after you fall in one of these kind of tricks (like the one you’re explain it) here’s a screen cap of the warning screen i’m telling you about.


        I was trying the trick you explain and before try it with someone else i did it myself and right after i try to login in the fake FB page i get that warning, so the whole fraud is revealed right away.

        • Ashwani

          You may try another platform like SMS or sending mail to direct primary email accounts rather than Facebook. :)

          • Mark

            Hey bro thanks, i just changed the facebook.com url in the .php file. Now when the victim try to login in the fake FB web is redirect to some fake 404 Error page i found, and now the victim will think that he/she had some problem with his/her connection, and FB won’t send the warning.

          • Ashwani

            Nice Mark. Good Luck!

  9. Nice Article Ashwani. I m gonna try this on my ex gf’s account.
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    • Ashwani

      Thanks Abhishek. Yes, you can try it. It is the best trick to hack Facebook password. :) Good Luck!

  10. Hey brother!
    i am uploading my pishing file on this site
    can i upload my both files or one?
    there are two iles 1. index.html and 2nd is login.php
    please give me direction

    • Ashwani

      Yes you have to upload both files Rehan.

  11. Joe

    @ Ashwani
    I respect your work mate bt this is something that need to be behind the curtains always. If your trick really works… then this gonna be a massive hit for FB security and they will be totally helpless against it. Just once try to judge your article on moral bases.

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    • Ashwani

      Yes it works 101% sure dude. Not only for Facebook; but Phishing tricks works with G-Mail, Twitter etc and many other social networks.

  12. sahil

    i got just one file……………………………………..
    does i need to extract it

    • Ashwani

      Yes you have to extract it. There are 2 files in the compressed folder. :) Good Luck!

  13. lloyd

    can u help me?

    • Ashwani

      You have to do of your own. If you find any confusion then tell me else you have to do of your own. Good Luck!

      • lloyd

        i dont understand about the hosting site

        • Ashwani

          I have written every step to step guide to do it. Please read and follow. You will be there on your way then. :) Good luck!

  14. Iqbal Ahmed

    bro ashwin please help me ….first tell me FACEBOOK PHISHING file download usko extract karna h kya……and then upload kkarna h kya,,,

    and which site is easy for hosting …..plz help me ashwin ..

    • Ashwani

      Yes the files are in zipped folder. Extract them. :)

  15. Vëër

    wow”!!!! its amazing bro. bcz my gf had blocked me wid her old account. I want to read her msgs. thanks a lot. bro.

    • Ashwani

      My pleasure Veer. Good luck!

  16. merry

    Please delete file “default.php” from public_html folder and upload your website by using FTP or web based File Manager.

    – Your account information can be found on http://members.000webhost.com/
    – If you need help, please check our forums and and FAQ List or submit a ticket.
    – Please review our Terms Of Service to see what is not allowed to upload.
    If you are going to violate our TOS, please read this text until it’s not too late!
    Do not waste your time with 000webhost.com, if you are going to upload any illegal website here! All websites are manually reviewed by humans, so if we will notice anything illegal, your account will be terminated. So don’t waste your time in promoting your scams, hacking websites, or anything else malicious – your account will be terminated in 5 minutes after we will receive first abuse report or anything abusive will be detected by our staff. We also report all illegal activities to local and international authorities.

    Below you can see your current files in public_html folder.
    hve i delete default php first????

    • Ashwani

      Yes do follow the instructions.

      • merry

        thx :)

        • hina

          hey how to upload the website ? i have uploaded the files to public html and deleted the default php ,but how to upload the website

      • hina

        hey how to upload the website ? i have uploaded the files to public html and deleted the default php ,but how to upload the website

        • Ashwani

          Sorry, how to upload the site refers to? What does that mean?

  17. merry

    thank u very much it’s workin i tried it on me it’s wrk very well am waitaing for my victim log in :) i hope so

    • Ashwani

      Good luck! :)

      • arsalan shah

        plz plz guide me when i send this link to my victim then it said this link is blocked

        • Ashwani

          Do not send link on Facebook. Send your link to your victim either on Gmail account (primary account) or SMS.

  18. john

    Extracted the files and they came up, but I put the into the file manager and I don’t know what to do then? I cant extract them in my file manager! Tried everything?
    What are they supposed to do? Really don’t get it at all? I get the concept, but not how to make it all work?
    It also asked me to download pc tools type software ect, and then sent me to some download site that wants me to pay to download?
    I must be missing something?

    • Ashwani

      Upload them in the file manager and then follow the steps above.

      • john

        I don’t understand? Upload all the files after they have been extracted in my hard drive?
        If so, which files? The white ones or the ones in the folder?
        or some how extract them in my file manager? I cant work out how to do that?
        My instinct tells me this is genuine, but I tried everything?

        Cant you please give a more specific answer? Almost as if you are explaining it to someone who has basic computer knowledge!


        • Ashwani

          The files have a browser icon and there are two files.

  19. Bailey

    Can you help me do this? Since my computer broke Ill pay you via PayPal

  20. sarath

    Yo bro its amazing .keep on updating it bro.u r awsm

    • Ashwani

      Thanks. Good luck

  21. Simon

    Dear Bro, my gf has blocked my fb. I tried to send her the site but she was too clever and will not use it to log into the facebook. I was unable to use fake fds adding into her account either. Is there any way I can get access into her fb account and read her content n pictures? I wont mind to pay for it if you can help me.

  22. JM

    Hey Ashwani, what if that person i am trying to hack is always logged on to facebook on his phone? and he never logs out! neither does he click on suspicious links in emails :( I need to delete a particular ‘chat’ I had with him and that’s all.
    I tried hacking by the method of ‘forgot password,’ it worked where in i got through the security question, but he deactivated his account for 4 days and later activated it.
    Can you help me? I’ll pay you if you would want to work out a deal.

    • Ashwani

      Then it is quite difficult to hack the account.

  23. Shubham

    Hey BRo.
    i make an account on 1FreeHosting Website…
    but i dont get any option of file manager to upload the file….
    is there any other option or should i make another ac. on another website?

    • Ashwani

      Check another site.

  24. saru

    hey ashwani, where to get facebook phishing link ? not able to found it . :P

    • Ashwani

      I have provided the link already.

  25. thanks for this informative article keep going
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  26. Abraham

    do i hav to register a domain..?

    • Ashwani

      No you do not have to.

  27. arsalan shah

    http://masticorner.comlu.com/index1.html this link i send…

    • Ashwani

      But your page looks unprepared. Check it.

      • arsalan shah

        how i prepare it can you explain me, what the thing is missing in this link???

        • Ashwani

          I am not able to find it. I don’t know what you have applied with the trick.

  28. Abraham

    hey i am stuck….. i sent the uploaded both files in filehosting.org to my email account and then i log in my gmail account and then i share the write.php link to fb.then i share the link in private message to the victim……right?

    • Ashwani

      Yeah but I will recommend not to send link on Facebook private messages as Facebook will notify the victim about spam/phishing link. Use the primary account or SMS way to send link. It will be best.

  29. arsalan shah

    plz tell me how can i remove the warning page to fake 404 error page??

    • Ashwani

      Simply edit the file (.php) there you will get a link in the very first line. Edit it to any error link.

      • arsalan shah

        00 webhost canceled my account why ??

  30. Syarif

    Hi ashwin. I’m having troubles downloading the compressed files. Adobe claims that it is damaged. Would you be able to help me. I would like to contact you through email instead since it is faster to reach you. Thank you.

    • Ashwani

      I am going to make an ebook for facebook Hack. Stay updates. All tricks and tips are there in the ebook. :)

  31. wow this is great, am going to make use of it
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    • Ashwani

      Yea sure Adesanya. :)

  32. hello! Ashwani i read all comments i m so curious to hack my friend’s account plz kindly do somthing for me i try that method but i cant did preperly so plz guide me to hack an account
    thank u

    • Ashwani

      You can download my eBook which I created personally. It covers all tricks to hack facebook account and password. You just need basic knowledge of computer to use that tricks. Step to step with picture guide is there in the eBook.

  33. jillian

    where can i get your ebook??

      • jillian

        thanks for your prompt reply? does your ebook contains the info about the latest tips ??

        • Ashwani

          Tips worth to be working, latest or old doesn’t matter. Tricks meant to be worked. I have created this eBook with all working tricks other than SCAM. As many websites provide scam content which might hack your account too.

          So on that basis, I provided all information in the eBook worth trying.

          • jillian

            ok..how do i buy it? when i clicked on the buy now button..it only brings me to the paypay page without any specific instructions..

  34. Anshul

    Checking files:
    File index1.html is OK
    File write.php is OK
    Transferring files to the FTP server:
    File index1.html could not be transferred to the FTP server
    File write.php could not be transferred to the FTP server

    Not Uploading Files On Webhost Site :(
    Please Help Me

    • Ashwani

      Which webhost site are you using?

  35. anirudh

    well i dont actually own a website but ashwani plz can u tell me the domain part again ,,,,,, i didnt get u on this …where we have to make a login on those free domain sites

    • Ashwani

      Choose anyone from the list I mentioned.

  36. the don

    please help cant find upload anywhere on the hosting site, and I’ve read through your posts and comments and still don’t know how it works
    please help

    • Ashwani

      It is as simple as a tiny game. You may download my eBook, that’s more step to step described with pictures.

  37. Akshay Bansode

    Hey ! Dear Am Not Able to Download That FACEBOOK Phishing files As u Mentioned in 1st Step …. Help Me ..

    • Ashwani

      They are available. Download again.

  38. Bhushan

    Hey buddy gf is online on her cell phone can i send her link on gmail account

  39. angela jovita

    I need help from u

  40. cody

    shild i have to upload these files in the file manager or have to upload in public html folder of file manager?? plzz help me. thanx.

    • Ashwani


  41. Hamza

    Where i need to upload files in file manager in public.html or anywhere in file manager?and just upload files or edit than upload files?plz tell me…

    • Ashwani

      in public.html

  42. KUJTIM

    hack pliss

    • Ashwani

      Read everything above.

  43. KUJTIM

    how hack freee i not have money for pay

    • Ashwani

      Sorry then you have to try it of your own.

  44. Swity kashish

    Registration shows some error……is there any other easy hosting site

    • Ashwani

      All sites are mentioned above else you may try on google.

  45. chester

    my site is ready ….but now m in htdocs but m not getting whr to upload that files frm my PC ?? can u plz help me?

    • Ashwani

      Go to file manager and upload there.

  46. Hey! It was a great post. But I wanted to know if u can also supply the CSS, because the page doesn’t look like the real facebook page (at ALL!) Rest all has worked fine for me… although I had to rack my brain to do some of the stuff. SO the whole thing is great and thanks a lot!

    PS – Please provide the css, or if there’s some other way through which I can fix it.
    Also if u can then please reply fast! thanks!

    • Ashwani

      Try to make phish page of your own. Search it on google or you may Download my eBook.

  47. honey

    bhai upload krne ke bad link kaha store hota hai ??

    • Ashwani

      After uploading files, use this”login.html” or only “login” after your site link, which you made on 000webhost.

  48. anonymous

    it was working well few weeks before i hacked some accounts but now google chrome has started to block them as soon as i create the link ? what to do.. iam usin 1freehosting .com

    • Ashwani

      try 000webhost.com

  49. hctor

    Hello I’m trying to upload the files in the File manager, but it says: Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address, i just can’t open it.. is there any other way? I’m using 1 free hosting and a MacOsX… thanks!!

  50. BILLA



  51. cleo.patre1986

    Hi there. Thanks for all the job you did. As many others I have to get ex GFs password to see the answers to many questions unanswered etc…I did as you wrote in OP, registered in web hosting, downloaded 2 files: index1.html and write.php (those files got downloaded). After a while of being confused like hell I managed to upload them into “public” section in File Manager. Now my domain is supposed to be up and running. Now few problems:

    1) when i enter my site into browser, blank page comes up with this –
    Index of /


    When I click 1st, very nasty old broken FB login site comes up. When I click 3rd, nice looking real FB site comes up and when you log in it it logs you into real FB…I tried to log with my account into both, but passes is empty with no password entry

    2) I am sure its supposed to look some better nicer way, everyone would guess up this is some weird fake attempt. I must have done something wrong. I am a total noob if its about web pages and this stuff. Would you be so very kind and help me out? I mean total noob step by step where to click from uploading to the polished ready to send fhishing link? So I can test it out on myself before actually sending it over to her? Or would you be able to spend few minutes and creating one for me? :-( I really try but I dont get these web things into my head

    Cheers :-)

  52. sakina

    hello…. suppose if we want to hack more than 1 account than is it required to download phishing files for each account ??

    • Ashwani

      Just create separate accounts on the hosting site I recommended and upload the same phishing files on each site. That’s it.

  53. fahad

    how can i sent these phishing links to my target……pls describe about it too….

    • Ashwani

      Via SMS or direct messages.

  54. Sunny

    Hi Ashwani,

    Do u know if the facebook phishing links will work on mac OS as well.?



    • Ashwani

      Well if defender is on then may be MAC will give notification about it. MAY BE OKAY

  55. i’m unable to sign-up on http://www.000webhost.com. can you please tell me how can i make account on it.

    • Ashwani

      Simply register on it mate. Its as simple as sign up on other sites.

  56. Hi Ashwini,

    I tried your all above step Sign-up >> cPanel >> File Manager

    and uploded file as well (downloded from step 1), hence where i can find/see domian user which i have to send to heck FB account?

    please send me in my gmail, or provide me usuful advice.


    • Ashwani

      Will be seen in your cpanel. Search it.

  57. I saw this site and I really liked for this reason I wrote down to pray if any mem Returned a Helping or Facebook or hek I thanked all be very

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