Top 5 Most Downloaded Antivirus Software in 2013

An Antivirus is something that is essential to every person owning a personal computer. It provides security and protection that everyone needs on a daily basis. The threats of viruses are an ever growing phenomenon as there are countless viruses that are being born every second in the World Wide Web.

Antivirus Software

So, here is a list of top 5 antivirus software which are mostly used by common man today.

5 Top Most Downloaded Antivirus Software of 2013:

1. AVG

AVG is one of the top downloaded antivirus used in the world today because, firstly it is free and secondly for its very user friendly. It stops viruses even before it enters a PC. It also checks every file before it is accessed and all the links that are clicked by the user is checked while being accessed to keep out every single threat of a virus entering the system.

It also provides scanning of emails to make sure every mail that is received does not carry any threat of a virus coming through. It also has timely updates and updates the virus database to your preference.

2. Avira AntiVir

Avira AntiVir (a strong competitor to AVG) is one of the best free antivirus software tools to keep your PC or laptop free from viruses and especially malware as it are its specialty. It provides the usual features of a regular antivirus but it focuses on malware. It is frequently downloaded as AVG but, is not so user friendly making life difficult if the user is a novice with the different customizations the antivirus has.

3. Avast!

Avast antivirus is another one of the best fully functional free antivirus software that is out there to use. It has all the standard features available but is known for its spyware tool. What sets avast unique from the others is its ability to find out previous unknown viruses and malware on your computer or laptop using something known as a heuristics engine.

4. Microsoft Security Essentials

If the user has a genuine copy of Windows and they want a small antivirus that does not take up too much space, then opt for antivirus that Windows gives with its package called Security Essentials that comes free with every copy of Windows. Microsoft is definitely new to the antivirus game but does not seem new to a user who has done his background on antivirus software. Security Essentials does give other antivirus software a run for users as its full-fledged antivirus software that protects a PC or laptop from all threats.

5. PC Tools Antivirus

PC Tools is another free downloadable antivirus that is popularly used today. It provides basic protection from all virus and malware. Though not as famous as the big names like AVG and Avira, it gets the job done at the end of the day making it one of the popular free antivirus software used in the world today. Though it’s not fully free with all the features the basic features are enough to get the job done of antivirus software.

Author Bio: Michelle Ryan is a professional hacker, blogger and a financial advisor. She mostly advices & blogs about PPI claims and stocks.

12 Responses to “Top 5 Most Downloaded Antivirus Software in 2013”
  1. Raj

    How come Norton is not in this list, it is #1 Antivirus company for both consumer & business levels..

    • Ashwani

      Yes, but it is not one of the most downloaded as mostly people use freeware other than paid ones. But personally I like AVG other than all whether they are paid or professional or somewhat else. But AVG is simply awesome. :)

  2. khadeer

    All antivirus is nice but Avast is a great anti-virus protection. It is very good to protect computer and features also very nice.
    khadeer recently posted..Android Finder Free – Android appMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yes, it is really good Khadeer. But personally I use AVG and it’s awesome for me. :)

  3. Superb Info for those who want to download Antivirus for their PC or laptop…I must say that people who don’t want to spend money on Antivirus they can definitely go for any 1 of the Antivirus which you have mentioned……Which one you are using currently?
    Techboy Rocky recently posted..HTC One – Which features may make you go for HTC OneMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yeah, it is must to choose the perfect antivirus for PC/laptop. By the way I am using AVG personally for my laptop and PC as well and it’s simply awesome for me :)

  4. Avira Antivirus is my favorite. I bought a license for Avira Internet Security for my lappy which works awesome. All the tools like safe browsing, child mode and PC diagnostic in one package :)
    Naser recently posted..How to make money and reduce your spending when in debtMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Wow, that is nice Naser. Good Luck! :)

  5. Nice to see my favorite Avira in the list. Thanks. Btw, it will be great if you could post some Avira promotions which will help in getting free 90 days trial. :)
    Rajesh recently posted..Free SMS Bomber Download: Bomb text message | Nokia, Android AppMy Profile

  6. Just amazed to do not see McAfee in this list, I think McAfee deserves to be in this list.
    hamayon recently posted..Turn Facebook Notification Sound On In Simple WayMy Profile

  7. Currently i am using Microsoft security essentials and its really superb.
    Abhishek recently posted..Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 Official trailerMy Profile

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