How To Create Content the Search Engines Love

As each new update rolls out, it becomes increasingly clear that content is the number one thing that search engines take into account when ranking your page. Of course, they also take your backlinks and other factors into account, but content is obviously the main factor. In fact, each update continues to move us closer to or content being the only determining factor in the worth of a website. That would be the ultimate goal for Google, but the question is whether or not such a system is impossible.

Search Engines Love Content

However, one thing is sure; Google is heading toward content being a larger determining factor, and you need to do everything in your power to make sure that your content is up to par. A cute things that you can do to help yourself create content that the search engines are going to love include:

Lots and Lots of Words

Although I would like to say that it is the quality of the content that is the sole determining factor, it is not. Google also takes the number of words on the page into account, and it can be one of the biggest factors that you need to take into account when you are creating your content.

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Basically, Google assumes that since you have more content about a certain subject, that you are typically delivering more information. This is true for the most part, but just because something is long and wordy does not always mean that it is getting the best information across.

That means that the standard could change at some point in the future, but for the time being, it is best to try and make your content as lengthy as possible.

The Importance of Related Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing it is a process in which Google examines the content of a page, including related keywords that are spread throughout the page, to get an idea of whether or not it is truly related to a given keyword. This has become all the rage when people purchase content, but the truth of the matter is that it is just a natural looking, high-quality page.

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By surrounding your main keyword, with other related keywords, you are showing Google that you are thoroughly covering the subject, and that you are talking about related parts of the niche. This has become an important part of search engine optimization, and is something that Google looks at when they rank every single page.

They take the content as a whole into account, so you need to make sure that you are the doing everything in your power to give Google the correct signals.

Images, Video, Interactive Content

Any well optimized site will also have various images, video, and interactive content spread throughout the website. Google knows that certain subjects cannot be adequately explained without the use of images and video, so they give websites a boost when they go as far as to utilize these resources. By using images, video, and other interactive content, you are essentially making your content worth more to the end-user, which Google recognizes.

Author Bio: Charles Dodgson works as a content analyst for WLM SEM Submissions Company offering quality link building services and a range of affordable Internet marketing solutions for businesses and professional service providers.

12 Responses to “How To Create Content the Search Engines Love”
  1. Janmejaya

    Great topic. This topic is much more helping to all bloggers. Thanks for sharing an great topic.
    Janmejaya recently posted..What to do when you don’t receive Google adsense PINMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Glad to found it as much useful for my audience. Coz at the time its really must work to write such a quality content that Search Engines love to index quickly. :)

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement that “just because something is long and wordy does not always mean that it is getting the best information across.” It’s so important to remember that we’re writing for real people first, then search engines.
    Marketing Gal recently posted..5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Social Media Marketing StrategyMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yeah, just long articles doesn’t fulfill your blogging dreams. One have to be really honest and stable in the work. :) Thanks for visiting Marketing Gal.

  3. I just stooped writing for search engines,Writing for readers and you should also
    umar satti recently posted..Android Jelly Bean New FeatureMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Lolzz… :D nice Umar. But you know indirectly writing for search engines means writing and providing your quality content to your audience. ;) From where they catch your content naturally and easily. :)

  4. bbrian017

    Hi Ashwani really great post man. Many people forget to take things into consideration when trying to rank in the search engines. This is such a good reminder there’s more then just readers that we have to take into condensation when posting new blog articles.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Get Your Free $19.99 Blog Engage AccountMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Brian.

  5. Aditya Samitinjay

    Related keyword? Hmmm, lets say that you make a post with tons of words trying to fit in the main keyword and related keywords wherever possible. Don’t you think Google will consider it as spamming given the latest penguin update? Please clarify.

    Aditya Samitinjay recently posted..Do You Love Yourself?My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Nice put up Aditya. Well everybody knows that Google hates spamming of content as well as keywords. Putting related keywords is not a bad thing. It always build trust in your audience as well as search engines.

      You can assume of your own if you see a link on any website named “earn money online” and after clicking on it will redirect you to a page fully adverse to it. So, you also feel embarrassed with that. So, overall I wanna say related keyword is a good thing but to a limit. Hope you got the point dude. ;)

  6. We have to definitely write the the content in a very unique way to get good results. It takes a lot of hard work to create the content which search engine loves…
    Techboy Rocky@Latest Mobile Reviews recently posted..iPhone 5 Review – Know the iPhone 5 featuresMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yeah, it’s really hard working stuff and also time qorthy but all the work load and thoughts gone away when the post gives you a lot of traffic worldwide.

      Personally I feel really cool when someone learns some tips from my posts. A fantastic satisfaction is to be felt inside the body. :)

      And I’ll surely maintain my work for my audience whenever they need it.

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