Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 For $15

A report said that Microsoft will charge $14.99 to the new Windows 7 PC buyers to upgrade to Windows 8. Paul Thurrott, a popular blogger unveiled this news/report. He writes about Windows. This news was also heard before by CNET News but the amount was not fixed at that time. But now Paul Thurrott claimed that the fix price would be $14.99 for the upgrade.

Microsoft Windows  8 Upgrade

Microsoft said that they will launch the Release Preview of Windows 8 in the first week of June. As you know; on June 5, 2009 the Windows 7 was released. So, may be Microsoft will release Windows 8 Release Preview for the same date as Windows 7 ie. nearby June 5 on Tuesday. There is a little hope and estimate idea that Microsoft will do the same schedule.

But everybody will not be eligible for this paid charge. It is must to buy a new Windows 7 Powered PC between the time period of June 2012 to January 2013. If any user purchase any Windows 7 Powered PC between this period then he will be eligible for the for this scheme/product otherwise not. So, remind this for being eligible.

Such above program and deal were also done before in 2006 and 2009 for upgrading Windows XP >> Windows Vista and Windows Vista >> Windows 7 respectively. But Microsoft will not distribute/provide the corresponding Windows 8 this time. This time Microsoft will provide the Windows 8 Pro Edition to everyone worldwide. This is the high-end version of Windows 8 and it would also be available to retail. Both CNET and Thurrott reported this.

The deal and program of 2006 and 2009 was almost free of cost means it was free of charge or a very low cost. The last two upgradations were almost have no cost at all. But this time Microsoft offered to charge $15 for the upgrade. The last upgrades were varied in cost by Computer Makers. Some makers provided the upgrade for free of cost and some offered a very low fees demand.

Also in 1998, Dell direct sales market provided the upgrade of Windows 95 >> Windows 98 free of cost. People who bought Windows 95 systems offered for Windows 98 for free.

One thing is to be noted that Microsoft is offering about 93% discount in the upgrade. You know how? Because Microsoft provided $15 charge for the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro Version and not divulged the pricing for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. If Microsoft has done so then the estimate pricing would be $100 to $200. But Microsoft has not done so. So, there is a estimate of 93% discount for users.

However, sources said that Apple is also launching a new upgrade version of Operating System in 2012. But currently the real pricing and the upgrade pricing is not fixed or even heard at all. In early 2011, Apple offered a free upgrade of OS X 10.7/ Lion for customers who purchased Mac accessed with Snow Leopard. Apple’s OS X 10.6/ Snow Leopard and Lion has a real pricing of $29 and $30 respectively which is much less than the Microsoft.

Users who are not eligible for the deal by Microsoft have to buy it for substantial amounts or discounts. Hold on your mind, may be Microsoft provide any other source for the ineligibles.

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18 Responses to “Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 For $15”
  1. That’s really a great news, I will upgrade to Window 8 soon :) Thanks for share
    Vishal Gaikar recently posted..What is Google Penguin and What Should You do About it?My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yes, that’s really nice deal from Microsoft. Thanks Vishal for visiting and commenting here. Keep visiting for more :)

  2. $15 ? thats realy cheap. Windows 8 was to be launched at $200 i guess?
    Sahl Ahmed recently posted..Android 4.0 ICS Galaxy s2 update MethodMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yes, thats really cheap but it’s a deal from Microsoft just for new PC purchases not for the old ones. Let’s see what will be the pricing for old users.

  3. Ramit Hooda

    I must appreciate you are sharing very valuable knowledge. Thanks for such informative updates brother. Keep doing . .
    Ramit Hooda recently posted..DRUG ADDICTION- NEVER AN OPTION FOR A BETTER LIFEMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Ramit. Keep visiting :)

  4. That’s great, i will must be upgrade to win 8.
    Ahmed recently posted..Show Disqus comments and other widgets in Blogger mobile templateMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Means you are about to buy a new PC. Congrats from my side. Thats a good deal from Microsoft. Enjoy Ahmed :)

  5. Common 15$ is too cheap ! and if this os true definitely I am going to opt for the same!
    shashank recently posted..Rooting your Android Smartphone.Why to root,its Pros and Cons!My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Hey Shashank, its true buddy. But everybody can’t afford a new purchase of a PC just for Windows $15 deal. But it’s a superb deal for new buyers. Congrats from my side for your purchase in Advance. Have a nice day!

  6. Wow Its really great news. Have to look on it. Thanks mate.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Hone your YouTube VideoMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Surely you can look upon this. It’s a great deal from Microsoft.

  7. Mike

    I dont beleive it! Microsoft being nice Lol :-) $15 is a great deal.
    Mike recently posted..How To Create A Bootable Linux Distribution On A USB Pen DriveMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yeah Mike, everybody was awazed for this deal even me too. Hope you’ll take the advantage of the deal. ;)

  8. Actually awesome offer for windows lover. I’ll try to Upgrade my Windows 7. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Ashwani

      Hi Robiul,
      Yeah, $15 is really cheap but you have to buy a new PC for being applicable to this deal. BTW Congrats in advance if you are about to buy a new PC in future.

  9. hey ashwani, had u tried windows 8? i have key to upgrade my original window 7 to window 8, i am asking you because it’ll be expired after 2 weeks. Is it worthy to upgrade? plz let me know ASAP.

    • Ashwani

      Well bro personally I liked Windows 7 as partially compared to Windows 8. I have once installed Windows 8 but I didn’t liked it that much so I re-installed the Windows 7. Sorry bro I didn’t have the key. Really sorry. But I will try to get any if I got I will update you for sure. :)

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