How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards

Memory Cards are the devices used to store various form of data such as documents, videos, music, images and much more. It is most probably used and formed as an external storage device in mobile phones. Some people use Memory Cards for entertainment by downloading videos and music to it but many people use it for company work/commercial use. Many users save their personal files in their Memory Card for the easy future output as they are very easy to carry on everywhere and small in sizes. Such people want to protect their confidential information stored in Memory Cards and set-up Password to it.

Memory Card Password Unlock

By protecting the Memory Card with password, it cant be accessed either on any PC or any other mobile device (just be accessed in the device from which password has been set). But what in case if anybody FORGETS the Password?

Many situations of Password Forgetting are to be seen daily on many social and forum websites on Internet. People put the question what to do if I had forgotten my memory card password. Even mobile companies don’t provide any kind of application/software to remove password.

Two Ways to Remove Password from Memory Cards:

  1. Either the user have to FORMAT the memory card (data should be lost and cant recovered in future)
  2. Or to Download a third-party freeware software named FExplorer

Users don’t want to lose their data in any condition. So, option 2 is the best solution for them. It’ really simple and easy to remove password from this freeware.

Nokia S60 Edition Phones

NOTE: This software/trick just works with the Nokia’s s60 1st and 2nd Edition mobile phones.

How to Remove Password Without Formatting Memory Card?

  • Download the FExplorer from here >> Click Here to Download (download in your mobile device)
  • Then, run FExplorer from the downloaded location
  • Go to C: System Folder
FExplorer Unlock Memory Card Password
  • Then, search for a file named mmcstore
  • Copy that file into your computer (the file will show as a notepad file)
  • Open that file in your Computer using Notepad
  • Now, you are amazed to see your Password of Memory Card in that file
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And you are done. Now, you can unlock your memory card from the password and again able to access your personal/confidential information to your PC or any other source. This trick is very simple and easy to do. Other than this, there is no solution to unlock memory card password without formatting it.

Hope this trick works perfectly for you. If you found this helpful, then please SHARE IT with your friends and relatives and you face any problem doing this then COMMENT BELOW regarding your problem. We will reach you as soon as possible.

12 Responses to “How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards”
  1. Sumit

    I want to remove password without FExplorer. Have you any Idea for it.

    Thank U

    • Ashwani

      Hey Sumit, the only other solution to remove password without using FExplorer is to FORMAT your memory card as I focused in post too. But if any solution will be there for your problem i’ll surely inform you.

  2. abhinav

    I’m using an android 2.3 and the card was password protected using my old s40 phone is there something I can do?

    • Ashwani

      Try this above trick

  3. Umer Rock

    and i think it is only for Symbian mobiles :?
    Umer Rock recently posted..How to WordPress Backup to Dropbox – Backup Complete Sql Database+Filemanger to DropboxMy Profile

  4. Vinod kumar

    Hi, Ashwani Ahlawat . I have tryied to format but still it is asking password.
    And i don’t have the NOKIA ‘s s60 even don’t have with friends also.
    What to do …???? Is any other method to remove password ?
    If u know please let me know this is my E-mail ID.
    Note:- when i placed in nokia phone it is asking password and when i am trying to connect computer it is saying that “please insert disc”. please help me i have no:of memory card to Unlock. Thank you in advance.

    • Ashwani

      Hey Vinod,
      There is no other method to unlock memory card other than this. Well you can try for some mobile repairing stores; may be there you can find any s60 version handset.

      Although a password protected memory card just ask for a password in Nokia handsets (none other than this; not even in computers). So, you have to arrange the preferred handset to remove the password. Otherwise if there will be any recovery method I’ll surely send you but currently no other method. Thanks for the visit dude. :)

  5. This may be very helpful to u .
    just use nokia 5230 phone to unlock your password protected memory cards

  6. is there any pasword remove software for 5130. can i get the mod of fexplorer software for my 5130 mob?

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