Guide to Hack Your Friend’s Facebook Account Easily

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Millions of people are talking about Facebook Account Hacking Tricks. But after a long search a few are able to do so who have much knowledge of HTML coding and professional in IT. But Hackers are trying to get the best and easy trick to Hack the Facebook Accounts. Everybody know that it’s not so much easy to hack facebook accounts. Facebook pays a lot of money to it’s security employees and experts to reduce hacking of accounts. But hackers have gained a super rage in IT market and they have unleashed a trick to hack facebook account. This trick is not funny or fake at all.

How to Hack Friends Facebook Account Easily

Many of you know that Facebook has integrated a new feature to recover forgotten passwords of users i.e. Three Trusted Facebook Account Friends. However, this trick is integrated for recovering the lost passwords by Facebook but Hackers reversed it and use this trick to hack the Facebook Accounts. This is a major black hole in Facebook and it’s security plannings.

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Many people hacks Facebook Accounts by Keylogging, Phishing sites, DDOS attacks etc but that is neither called hacking nor the people called hackers. These are the alternate methods of hacking.

By the way the trick unleashed which we are talking about here is also not so much simple at all. But it is easy to do as about every people and children can do so. You have to make THREE FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS to do this trick. And the most important is that these all 3 FAKE ACCOUNTS were added in your friend’s list whose account you are about to Hack.

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After this, you are able to hack your Friend’s Facebook Account easily by just following the steps given below.

Step To Step Guide How to hack facebook account Easily:

  • As we have already discussed  before to create THREE FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS and add them in the friend list of your friend’s Facebook account whom account you are about to hack. If you have done so, then you have finished about 90% of your work to Hack the account.
  • The, click on Forgot Facebook Password button. Facebook system will show you three solutions to recover your password as shown below
  • Fill the Email address of your friend in the first section and give your Friend’s Name and your name in the Name Field
  • Then, click on Search Button.
  • If you have done above steps correctly, then you will see the profile picture of your friend whose Email address is to be filled/whose account is to be hacked
  • After that, click on No Longer Have Access to These
No longer access to facebook account
  • Then, enter a New Email Address which has not to be used with Facebook Account earlier and click on the Submit button to proceed to next step
new email address
  • You will be asked for the security question’s answer. If you know the answer then it’s perfect and if you don’t know then fill it with wrong answers 3 times
Facebook Security Answer
  • After this submission/giving wrong answers, Facebook Security will show you TRUSTED FRIENDS feature to recover the account
  • Click on the Continue button
3 Trusted Friends Feature Facebook
  • Then, it will ask you to fill/select 3 Friends ( select your 3 Fake Account’s Name) from the shown list and click the Continue button each time after the selection
  • After the above step, Facebook have sent the security codes to each of the 3 accounts selected
  • Then, Login to each of the 3 accounts and note the security codes manually and fill them in proper manner ( If they are not found in Inbox then check the Spam Folder too )
  • Now, the Password Reset Email has been sent to the new Email provided by you in the 7th step
That’s it! You are done successfully, Now, you have access to your Friend’s Facebook Account which has been HACKED.

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3. Password Resetter

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NOTE: Don’t use it for any personal/wrong intention. This shows the major loophole in Facebook’s Security and the Mindhunter techniques of the Hackers.

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661 Responses to “Guide to Hack Your Friend’s Facebook Account Easily”
  1. David

    ok so wait does the victim know that i hacked into his account?? or hewill no longer have acces to his facebook account because i reseted it??


    • Ashwani

      Hey David, the victim will not be informed as the facebook accounts used for this trick are FAKE. Yes, he’ll not have any access on his/her account after this trick. Thanks for visiting Techinfolite. Keep Visiting. :)

      • David kuda

        Hey i lost my password and i used a phone number to register on facebook but the line got broken and i can’t access my accoum again what do i do

        • Ashwani

          If you have registered your mobile no. then I think your account should be accessed without any query. What is it showing David?

          • ramsha

            plez help me in hacking account

          • Ashwani

            You may go with the softwares.

        • craiggreen

          Just follow the steps above and you might be able to go on it again.


      • shruti

        hi ashwini can u pls give me ur cel no

        • Ashwani

          Hi Shruti,
          You can contact me either on my Facebook Account or Gmail Account.
          Facebook: Ashwani Ahlawat

          • taimoor shehzad

            hey friend i also want u to join me in facebook..i love hacking..n wana b your student.plz

          • Ashwani

            Dude, I’m not a teacher. ;) Simply ask me if you have any problem in the trick.

          • dude

            Ok dude so i saw your trick but seemingly facebook requests for trusted friends and you can’t be a trusted friend without being added as such by the person you hacking. how does that work around coz then the trick does not happen anymore

          • Ashwani

            Yes it happens.

          • alakh

            how we cn hack a fb account

          • Ashwani

            Everything mentioned and told in post.

      • Smayah

        i want to hack my friends account as i joke, but i dont want her to lose access to her account. What do i do?

        • Ashwani

          Check out your mail account please.

          • lily

            Same – Wanna hack an account but I don’t want him to know/loose anything. Is it possible ?


          • Ashwani

            Try Facebook Phishing for that.

          • wahdat kashmiri

            is it nt possible to hack fb account without paying money. if yes plz tell me how…..u can mail me at

          • Ashwani

            I just created my own eBook. You can purchase it for just $10. I will publish it soon on my site. Stay updated.

      • Jagadish

        Hey!! dude its really amazing yaar!! i suceessfully hacked my friend Facebook account !! now just itself .
        i really want to thank u for ur amazing idea!!! thanks a lot !!

        • Ashwani

          My pleasure dude.

          • Dhaval patel

            Wanna hack an account but I don’t want him to know/loose anything. Is it possible ?

          • Ashwani

            Yes it is possible if you use Facebook Phishing. Search for it on Google.

      • hey man can u help me i need to hack an id.. can u inbox me ur id so v can discuss it over there

        • Ashwani

          Hey mate I can not do any healp for it. Well the trick is in working condition.

    • anoop

      i want help hack my friend account ashwani username is anju.raj.10 name.anju raj n friends name.anoop tanwar help

    • kamal singh

      i want help u plz help me……….

      • Ashwani

        Yes Kamal. What kind of help you want?

    • hello can you hack this account facebook usernmae: charles.rosima thnaks

      • Ashwani

        Please check out you mail account.

        • rosel

          pls help me, she’s not adding my fake accounts.

          • Ashwani

            So can I help you. Should I request her to add your accounts.

        • rahul gupta

          hey ashwani can u give ur facebook link because i want to contact u .i want to hack my friends account he is irritating me.

          • Ashwani

            Hey dude I can’t do any help of yours. Please try and do of your own whether it works for you or not.

        • mike

          cud u hack two fb accounts for me i jus need the emails and passwords could u do this as a favor

          • Ashwani

            Sorry, you have to try and do of your own.

  2. Ramit Hooda

    Its really nice and working. I tried it and it really worked. Nice work. Keep updating. :)
    Ramit Hooda recently posted..Managing your Daily Energy LevelsMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Ramit. Keep Visiting. Have a nice day. :)

  3. sushain pandita

    Love this post.This is a wonderful article in interesting topic.gotta be having fun.but have a question that is this necessary to have 3 fake Id’s ……for hacking the Friends Id…..
    sushain pandita recently posted..PlayStation VitaMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yes Sushain, it is MUST to have 3 Fake ID’s as this trick only works with that and it’s also important that all the 3 would be in your friend’s friend list whose account you want to Hack.

  4. Sumon @ WP Cypher

    This is not good bro…
    Sumon @ WP Cypher recently posted..Google PR (Page Rank) Update May 2012My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Hey Sumon, in which sense you are saying that it’s no good. Let me clear your obsession mate.

  5. Abhay

    10x bro its work bt what to do whn fake frnds are not shown in trustd frndsuggestd list . . . And plz help me bro my gmail is hackd wht to do i didnt mentioned any no. N recovery mail during creation . . Bro is there any method . . To get out of it

    • Ashwani

      Hi Abhay,
      Have you added the 3 fake friends in the friendlist of the person whose Facebook account you are about to hack?

      Send me your gmail ID here :
      I’ll give a try.
      Ashwani Ahlawat

      • Bharat Naganath

        Hey ! Listen /..
        Facebook selects small group of friends from a large one and allows only select within them so that it won’t happen what we are going to do !..

        If all the three account comes then its your luck !…
        I suggest make 20 to 30 accounts and save email and passwords in a notepad saved in your computer !

        Another way is this my website , facebook phissing which shows “not logged in” message and redirect to my another site –

        And you should make a website like that and tell your frend that it’s a photo of your and his/her !..
        But If he identify the link as not a facebook link then you need another trick –

        Trick –

        1) go to –
        2) make the phissing link shorter
        3) now see the last words after –
        4) now in here – words here]&h=jAQFwgN4B (without “[” and “]” )

        Like if your link was*dtuev*
        Then the link would be – is used to highlight)

        • Ashwani

          Nice trick dude. Thanks for posting. ;)

        • Ashik

          But how to make a website???
          Plz reply

          • Ashwani

            Which website?

          • marium

            facebook phising how to do? didnt ge this trick! ashwin please let me know how to do this?

          • Ashwani


            It’s Ashwani by the way you must go with Google search for Facebook Phishing trick. How can I explain too long here.

      • my facebook account not been opened pls help me !

        • Ashwani

          What is the reason facebook showing for your account?

  6. Shirsha

    I’ve recently tried to hack my own account on facebook but didn’t got success becoz trusted friends feature is not appearing

    • Ashwani

      Hi Shirsha,
      That worked for me personally very well. I’ll try again now may be Facebook Team has managed the loophole and removed the feature. ;)

  7. govind

    these steps are not working for me… help me… pls…

    • Ashwani

      Hey Govind,
      My audience is really getting problems from this trick nowadays.
      I think Facebook has removed this feature. I’ll be back shortly with a latest and simple one.

  8. Ravi

    Nice work Ashwani Fb tricks, I tried it and it really worked. Plz help me Ashwani i dont remember my gmail password.

    • Ashwani

      I am really glad Ravi you liked it and it worked for you. Well I am not any GMail hacker mate. Although you can PM me your GMail ID to my Facebook Account. I will try to recover but not guaranteed. ;) >> Ashwani Ahlawat

  9. rahul

    when i tried to make fb account it is asking phone no. to verify account.
    what should i do?

    • Ashwani

      Simply submit your mobile number Rahul. Thats it! ;)

  10. steph

    Has the loophole been patched? It doesn’t come up anymore.. If you know any other ways to do it please post it, this tip is awesome!

    • Ashwani

      I’ll post the superior and easiest one really soon how to hack facebook accounts easily. ;) Thanks for the visit. Watch on us for recent updates.

  11. anonymos

    i am unable to hack facebook id..

    after clicking No longer have access to these?

    i am getting this message.
    Try to Get Access to Your Email
    Before you can log in to Facebook, we need to verify who you are. To help us confirm your identity, you need to be able to access one of the email accounts associated with your Facebook account.

    Need help accessing email?
    If you’ve lost your email password, follow one of the links below to learn how to reset your email password with major email providers:

    Windows Live Hotmail
    Yahoo! Mail
    If your email was provided by a school or business, please contact that organization directly.

    if i click

    i am getting this message
    No Email Access
    We’re sorry you’re having trouble recovering your email address. Unfortunately, this means we can’t verify who you are or give you access to the Facebook account you’re trying to log into. We may hide the information on your Facebook account if we detect that you cannot regain access to it.

    To learn more about how to access your Facebook account, please see our Login Problems Help Page

    what should i do???

    to get access to someone id???

    facebook account is register with mobile and secondary id too


    • Ashwani

      I think Facebook has recovered this loophole. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with new trick to hack Facebook accounts easily from anywhere. Wait n Watch.! Thanks for co-operating. :)

      • Ahmed Khan

        Anyone pls help me!!. I couldn’t answer the security question. They ask me that “What was your grandfather’s occupation?”..! Actually I typed for many times, but it is still asking. And how can I know to answer that easy question??? That easy question will only know by the owner. After this step I know it I can choose the password in step 3′. ANYONE… PLS REPLY ME. I NEED A HELP. I NEEDTO DO SOMETHING WITH THAT ACCOUNT.!! PLEASE PLEASE.!!! HELP ME PLEASE. :///

        • Ashwani

          You must have to pass the Security question Ahmed. This is the main work of security question.

  12. Unquestionably consider that that you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be at the net the simplest thing to have in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while other folks consider issues that they just do not know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you
    how do you hack recently posted..1My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Thanks for the visit. :)

  13. Arpita Das

    Hey Aswani…ur tips isn’t working nw…i followed ur hacking steps to “No Longer Have Access to These”..but after I click on it,it doesn’t say/show “How Can We Reach You”..
    Now itz saying “Try to Get Access to Your Email” instead of “How Can We Reach You”..
    Now what do i do mr.Ashwani….? ;)

    • Ashwani

      Hey Arpita, sorry to disappoint you via my trick/post. But Facebook has now removed this feature as many people had hacked others account including me and my many friends through this loophole trick. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with the latest trick. It would be unleashed soon.
      BTW Thanks for the visit. ;)

  14. hii..ashwinii.
    i tried many times..but unfortunately..i couldnot….so can u give me some simple tips…

    • Ashwani

      Hey Pritam,
      Facebook has removed this feature now. Don’t worry soon I’ll publish a new and effective one.

  15. Deb

    pls. try to post a new trick of hacking facebook profile immediately………..
    someone is using a fake profile with my facephotoes…
    what can I do?

    • Ashwani

      Hi Deb,
      If someone is using your pics on a fake ID then there is no problem at all dude. Although surely I’ll unleash a new trick when found. I am regularly working on it. :)

      • armaan

        try to get one please i really need itsend me as soon as possible on my email id

  16. sami

    i want 2 hack smone’s fb m not having his email id bt m havin facebook address…so plss help me wid dis..

    • Ashwani

      Go into his profile and see his email id from his info. Else you can ask for his/her email id.

      • hey agr wo frnd apni fake id ko add na kare to fir kya kare

        • Ashwani

          To fir kuch na kare :P I mentioned properly that this trick works only with fake friends method. If you are missing the first step then how can you forward to the next.

  17. hello ashwani,

    i need a facebook account hacked, i have the email address.. can you help?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry dude, i don’t hack accounts like this.

  18. dhiraj

    Hi ..i have a friend whose fake account was created by some one and all the pics from the orignal profile were uploaded in the fake account. Can u suggest a way how to get rid of the fake account? Please help

    • Ashwani

      Dhiraj, Firstly you can post on his timeline about your point else if he is known you can contact him directly. Send him direct message regarding your privacy if possible.

      • dhiraj

        Ashwani..had to keep it very quite and get the fake account deletd without the acknowledgement of the person ..other wise he might get the pics copz and make a new one! So Now I feel deactivating the fake account is the only I needed a way to access the account..and delete all pics and the account.

        • Ashwani

          If I go with the simple sense then he/she have already copied the pics as you know, if you want to upload any pic, you must have to upload them either from webcam or from your system. So, here webcam case is out of mind, the left one is the uploaded via the system. So, he/she have already the pics copied.

          I’ll suggest you to ask him the reason behind this.

          • khushwant sharma

            Hey plz help me
            kya esa koi tarika h jisse id hack kar ske or agle ko pta b na chle ki uski id hack hue h

          • Ashwani

            Yes, the above trick is for the same. The admin will not be informed at all. :)

    • Umes

      Same here.. But blocked me as well..

  19. ha ha ha….funny & interesting tips to hack a Facebook account. I have never tried before. Hope I’ll knock out one of my friends account :)
    Ahsan recently posted..Buy ESET Mobile Security Apps To Secure Android SmartphoneMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Hi Ahsan,
      I think this trick is not working now as some of my readers have told me tht it’s not working. Well this trick worked for me and many of my friends when I published and learned it. :)

  20. jayson

    hope 2 see your nxt update of how to hack a facebook account tnxxxx….

  21. jayson

    maybe if u can hack me an account in fb i will pay… pls reply

    • Ashwani

      Hey Jayson,
      I’m not a pro-hacker. Well surely I’ll contact you if I found any.

      • thank you ashwani.. contact me in my email thanks ASAP

      • thank you ashwani.. contact me in my email thanks ASAP…..

  22. nathan

    it worked

  23. Bilal

    hey … please,this one takes 24 hours to be completely hacked or the owner of the account would be able to take it back
    I wanna faster way
    thanks :)

    • Ashwani

      Hi Bilal,
      I have mailed you on your email ID ( Check it out!

  24. Alex

    Hey Ashwani,

    Do you have any pro-hackers under your belt by any chance? i saw in a previous post you said you were going to look into it, and i’m really interested.

    Else, do you have a way of hacking a facebook account these days? Thanks dude !

    • Ashwani

      No, I don’t have any pro-hackers and personally I also don’t know to hack facebook.

  25. what are the implications of using 3 real profiles as to using 3 fake ones? will the person hacked be able to know that those 3 friends are responsible for the hacking?

    • Ashwani

      No, he/she will not be informed at all. As the account has been hacked he/she will not have access to it anymore for any responsibility.

  26. aisha

    hi.hw r u.when i press no longer hav aces to these then after it as u say a new window is open there we submit an id but i dnt hv that window so tell me wat can i do

    • Ashwani

      Hi Aisha,
      I was also not able to find the correct result. Many readers are getting the 3 friend display and many are not.
      I personally don’t know what is the problem for this.

  27. abhinash

    Hey plz help me my gf is cheatng me with another guy i want to know what they talk but i cant hach his account

    clicking No longer have access to these?

    i am getting this message.
    Try to Get Access to Your Email
    Before you can log in to Facebook, we need to verify who you are. To help us confirm your identity, you need to be able to access one of the email accounts associated with your Facebook account.

    Need help accessing email?
    If you’ve lost your email password, follow one of the links below to learn how to reset your email password with major email providers:

    Windows Live Hotmail
    Yahoo! Mail
    If your email was provided by a school or business, please contact that organization directly.

    if i click

    i am getting this message
    No Email Access
    We’re sorry you’re having trouble recovering your email address. Unfortunately, this means we can’t verify who you are or give you access to the Facebook account you’re trying to log into. We may hide the information on your

  28. Umes

    Now a days theres no use of making 3 fake ac… I try but I doesnt exist the 3trust fren request..

  29. filipe alonso

    Hey, I need to access someone’s facebook without changing the password. I know his hotmail’s password and his gmail’s. can i

    • Ashwani

      No, it’s not possible. If you have to access the Facebook account, you must have choose forgot password option which will give you acccess to change the password.

  30. Nigel Kun

    Hey this is not working right now right? Can you let me know if you have released a new one? Don’t wanna miss it until it’s patched..

    • Ashwani

      Well it is also working. But the problem is that many readers are successful and many are not. Don’t know what is the reason behind this.
      Although I am working on another trick, if I was successful I’ll surely let you know.

  31. Asad

    Hi, Can you hack a facebook account for me?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry Asad. I don’t hack like this.

  32. Hussain Nadeem

    Hello Ashwani,
    you are great can you help me in removing surveys.Thanks.

    • Ashwani

      What kind of surveys Hussain?

      • kishan debbarma

        hey ashwin can u give me some link of software fcbk accnt hack…i tried many software but nt a single software work plz hlp me out frnd

        • Ashwani

          Well there is not any kind of such software, but you can use some which I have mentioned. These are not for Facebook Hack but may help you regarding security. This trick also works, you may try it.

  33. virendra

    but …
    how I get email address of victim…
    now fb do not show any e mail id

    • Ashwani

      You may ask him/her for the E-Mail address.

  34. chelsea

    after i type it 3 times wrong its says entered wrong to many times try again later. am i doing something wrong or is this a possible update?

    • Ashwani

      You must be redirected to proper step if you do it properly. :)

  35. Denis

    Hi i didn’t know about the 3 friends metod before…i tried to hack my girlfriend account and i selected me and 2 random profiles from which now i can’t get a code…is there any way to try to use the 3 friends metod again…
    I mean i tried it again,and i let’s you choose friends and then says that the user has got a email and codes already (which is true)….I tried to change the mail and it didn’t work again… HELP :D

    • Ashwani

      Sorry, I don’t got your point.

  36. Jayant Singh

    Hey pls help me to recover my account my credentials are below
    Kr Jayant Singh Bundela,
    My date of birth is 11.11.1971 and my earlier email address was
    which was hacked by using my lost mobile phone having number +91 942436747

    please help

    • Ashwani

      Hi Jayant,

      Fist of all I wanna tell that the mobile number you have entered is incorrect. And secondly I do paid hacking. If you are interested contact me here:


  37. youdontneedmyname

    Still works?

    • Ashwani

      Yes, it still works.

  38. Rahul Joglekar

    it really works…!!!
    like it..!!!

    • Ashwani

      My pleasure Rahul. :)

  39. shriya

    hey i was trying to hack my friend’s ex’s facebook id and it shows a security question upon answering that i can change password but i just dont know the answer to that security question. is there any other way?? because when we try we have to get past the security question cause we choose the option of having lost the access from email id and phone number. kindly suggest. contact me on

    • Ashwani

      Either you have to select the Mobile verification or Security Question pass. Otherwise, it’s like impossible to gain access to the account.

      • shriya

        shit man then im stuck afterall……..!! any way to hack gmail id??

        • Ashwani

          Nops, I don’t have neither I know any.

  40. my Facebook was hacked and someone has changed my email, password, phone number, and security question so that there is no way for me to get back on. When I go to enlist trusted friends, it says my account is not available, and I can’t do it.
    I am so frustrated, I have sent my ID into Facebook and they have not done anything and? I really just want to get control over this. Please tell me you can help. ???????????????????

    • Ashwani

      I think your account has been DEACTIVATED by the person who had hacked your account. Nothing happen now.

  41. Bryan


    Can I ask question?

    After hacking the account, what will be the email to be used for log in? The original primary email of the victim? Let say, you are done with the 3 friends from retrieving codes, you will be give password reset right to the email you provided, after which, you will be now inside of the victims profile right? Now, in their account settings, you will see its primary they use? then the next time you log in again, you will use their primary email right? what if you dont want to change their email address, and only password?

    well, i was trying to hack a account of one of my friends. I really wanted to see what was the messages set to him by my boss/manager in our work. So I really wanted to know the truth because my boss fired me, but I was not planning to hacked the account of my friend forever, I just wanted to peek-in to its inbox then leave. so i mean no harm, so i dont want change its email used in logging in his account. is it possible to log in his account without knowing like like changing its password?. if it changed (by me, if that happens) can he be able to regain its fb account? I just wanted to peek its inbox, after all, im done and return his acct. is it possible? what will be your advice? Thank you sir.

    • Ashwani

      Check your INBOX please.

  42. Eman Jew

    hye dude.. Thank for helps me to hack someone i hate it.. Bye dude..

    • Ashwani

      Don’t hack for someone you hate. It’s just to prank your friends don’t use it for personal harrassment.

  43. Rash

    Thanks a ton for sharing this great trick! I just wntd to know if there is anyway I can access the account without having to wait for 24 hours? something faster please?

    • Ashwani

      Check your mail please.

  44. brian

    hi sir what your latest trick about fb hack cn u share pls

    • Ashwani

      This is the only latest and unique trick Brian.

  45. bia malik

    hi……… i hve enterd 3 tmes wrng ans of securty questn bt it is nt shwng da optn of trusted frnd fetur…… plx help me

    • Ashwani

      Hi Bia,

      Surely it will show the option of trusted friends. Try again.

  46. aishwarya kadam

    Thnx ashwini fro a great share…but i tried this trick and as u said i clicked on no longer have acces to this….but it does not show any option to set other email…..what should i do i want to hack my boyfriends account plz help plz plz plz

    • Ashwani

      Hey Aishwarya,

      Don’t request soooooo….much. ;) Simply follow steps mentioned in the trick and surely you will get it without any problem.

      Just follow step by step and you’ll be successful. :)

      Best Regards

  47. Am!!! nice work thank very much for your trick it really worked :-) ;-)

    • Ashwani

      My pleasure mate. Congrats!

  48. MyTear

    Hi Man,

    I need help with getting access to a FB account. can you advise me on what i need to do to get through the security with facebooks new changes

    • Ashwani


      The trick published above is still working dude. You can use this trick to get access to your friend’d account.


  49. DarkEmp

    Hi guys,
    I think this is not working anymore, i tried it now but, when i click “No longer have access to these?”
    Facebook says “If you’ve lost your email password, follow one of the links below to learn how to reset your email password with major email providers:
    Windows Live Hotmail
    Yahoo! Mail
    If your email was provided by a school or business, please contact that organization directly.”
    And if i click “I cannot access my emails” again it says: “We’re sorry you’re having trouble recovering your email address. Unfortunately, this means we can’t verify who you are or give you access to the Facebook account you’re trying to log into. We may hide the information on your Facebook account if we detect that you cannot regain access to it.

    To learn more about how to access your Facebook account, please see our Login Problems Help Page”

    Let me know .. trick has been removed or i am doing a mistake ?

    • Ashwani


      The trick is still in working condition if you follow the steps properly.


  50. Mel

    Ashwani, what happens when the person has their fb security settings connected with their cell phone-text mssging? Won’t the attempt to hack the account get flagged in their text messages especially once the failed loggin attempts are done?

    • Ashwani

      Nops, Facebook never notifies for password change. It just sends the notification of posts, messages, comments etc. It never send the message of password change.

      • Mel

        hmmm, but what about the failed login attempts? Won’t fb text some random mssg stating something like “you had 3 failed login attempts”.

        Also, if this is done, would it be smart to do this from a different IP address instead of my own home IP address?

  51. Dulce Connell

    Thats pretty cool.

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Dulce.

  52. Owh Yeah i forgat … i Hack him “once … by the security pasword but then i dont know how he got it back ? and now im confused what to do

    *Sorry bad english *-*

    • Ashwani

      If you have hacked the primary account then it’s not possible for victim to get back the account, but if you had hacked only Facebook password, then he/she can easily recover the password by using Forgot Password and access to primary account.

  53. miss v.

    hi pls help me how to hack fb friends account need to open my brothers fb asap

    • Ashwani


      I have mentioned the trick above. Goo for it.

  54. jessica roberts

    I have a few questions about this: if I use 3 fake accounts, can the person or facebook trace the accounts? I do not want these fake accounts to get deleted because I spent a long time perfecting them. Also do the security codes get sent immediately or is there a waiting period to change the password. What happens if the person logs on while you are in the process of doing this?

    • Ashwani

      Hye Jessica,

      You know this trick is to prank your friends not for someone you don’t know for any personal harrassment. And you surely know if your friend is logged on or not if you are going to hack the account. Also Facebook will not delete the 3 fake accounts and also there is no reason to delete those account by Facebook.

      Well if you change the E-Mail, then nothing can be traced as you have a grant permission to the primary E-mail. Hope you got it. If you have any other query ask me. :)

  55. Lola

    hi, can u help me to hack my fb friend account i tried your tip but its not work…arent my fb friend are protected something?because i tried to hack my sister account with the use of your tips but it work..but this one my friend account it wont work..anything u can suggest me?thank you

    • Ashwani

      Well you know that the trick is not fake and also it’s working presently but the main point I noticed about it is that it doesn’t works sometimes with some accounts. It works for about 80% accounts and the remaining 20% could not be hacked. Well I have sent you mail on your E-Mail, check out please.

  56. yash bisht

    i neeed ur help sumbdy send my gf sum really slang msgs by hacking id of a her batchmate i want to knw who did that
    how can i get to that plzz help me n reply me @

    • Ashwani

      Check out your mail account.

  57. Mona

    Hi ……I wana ask some thing one of my friend has made an account with whole of my profile …..nd using it too… which I am irritating ….so please tell me how I can hack that…..nd he also did not added me…..

    • Ashwani

      As you are telling he/she is your friend, you can simply tell him/her to deactivate the account asap.

  58. Sai Pawan

    My fake ids are not appearing in the choose frnd dialog box what shall i do???

  59. balaaravindhan

    if i dont know my friends facebook account email id how i can i hack it?… I ONLY know the profile name….

    • Ashwani

      You are saying your friend’s facebook account. Simply ask him for his E-mail address. ;) Else you may check in his/her profile.

  60. abrar kiani

    its nice to get very important information.But the matter is that someone hacked my FB and gmail ids and use it i want to delete my hacked FB id.Can u help me plzzzzz.

    • Ashwani

      If your primary account has also been hacked, then I can’t help you in getting the account back, as the person have full control over the Facebook account as he had the primary account access to that. By the way check your mail account.

  61. kacy

    Hi ,

    someone is sending me messages on facebook telling me my partner is having affairs behind my back. I think this is a friend of mine and I would like to know the email address used to set up the account so hopefully i can trace the ip location? I know the facebook email address as it shows on the persons profile but it hides the actual email address used to set up the account. ive tried the forgot password option and it says to reset the password they will send a mail to h*******, hiding 7 letters of the email address for secuirty reasons obviously. Its so frustrating. Im determined to find out who is behind this profile. Please advise if you can help at all. Obviously i cant do the 3 friends option as this person is using the account solely to message me and wont add any friends.Many thanks

    • Ashwani

      Seriously behind the situation I would love to suggest you that don’t take his chat in negative. Try to be much superior and stable with him. Let him send you messages as his wish. Tell him that whatever it is you are happy. I am damn sure, he will leave you as soon as possible when he found that his messages doesn’t charge you at all. ;)


        hello ashwani will you talk to to me on my email adress ………i want to do personal talk with you..if you dont mind then just mail me on the given adress

        • Ashwani

          Please check your mail account.

          • Hello Ashwani .
            How are u ?
            I already send u email . Hope u can help me .
            If u don’t mine . Please

          • Ashwani

            Why do all people sending emails to me. I have clearly mentioned that Facebook Hack on this email account:

  62. sarah

    Can you know what the person’s pasword was before when u hack the account…to change the password back to the old one after u have done your work and not letting them know..? Does it need 3 fake profiles or can i manage to workwith two..because i have lately 2 profiles added to tht persons friendlist..

    • Ashwani

      No, if you are using the 3 Fake Friends trick you will never be able to know the current password of the victim.

  63. deperate woman

    does this work?

    • Ashwani

      Yes it still works.

  64. sandhu

    hello ashwani plz help me

    • Ashwani

      Yes please.

  65. sandhu

    plzz help me 2 hack my frnd id when i using these steps i got this by which app ur using yahoo.mail gmail or etc

  66. ian parks

    i want to hack my ex partners facebook cause i think she was cheating when we were together

    • Ashwani

      Hey Ian,

      You can use the 3 Fake Friend Trick for that.


      • akash

        I need to hack my sisters fb id, i think so she’s cheating me and all of my parents… i tried the above trick but its not work… my parents depressed a lot bcz of her…. i need a help plz….

        • Ashwani

          If she is your sister why don’t you all have some strictness on her. How’s it pssible for a brother or any family about their sister and daughter. Let your parents ask her password and deactivate the account.

  67. rex

    i want to hack someones fb id???? plzz suggest

    • Ashwani

      Try the trick above, it still works.

  68. nisha

    Hey frnd, i need to hack a FB account but dont even want that person to loose access.. PLZ help me

    • Ashwani

      You can try Facebook Phishing Trick for that. Search about Facebook Phishing on Google.

  69. mary

    okay so the father of my two children “forgot” his psw for fb but i kno for a fact he has been messaging another women..i want to read these and see just how bad the situation is..he us to smart to add new people because then i would kno he lied about the psw. PLEASE HELP! hack

  70. dev

    i want to hack my friends account as i joke, but i dont want her to lose access to her account. What do i do?…
    (above question was asked earlier)
    …i need to do something…but don t want the person to loose access… there a way to create a second secret password that i will have and can use even if they change the current one……i have the current one also..

    • Ashwani

      No there is neither any trick nor any feature to do so.

  71. neelammunir

    I tried hacking but it isnt giving me the option of three trusted friends.
    Can you please hack this facebook account for me

    • Ashwani

      Contach here: May be he can help you. But he do paid hacking only. Else you ask for him.

      • usama

        dear sir i want to hack my 4nd i.d by an easy trick. plz help

        • Ashwani

          The easiest one is the Facebook Phishing. Search it on Google and go for it.

  72. neelammunir

    I tried hacking but it isnt giving me the option of three trusted friends.
    Can you please hack this facebook account for me


  73. neelammunir

    i tried it now but, when i click “No longer have access to these?”
    Facebook says “If you’ve lost your email password, follow one of the links below to learn how to reset your email password with major email providers:
    Windows Live Hotmail
    Yahoo! Mail
    If your email was provided by a school or business, please contact that organization directly.”
    And if i click “I cannot access my emails” again it says: “We’re sorry you’re having trouble recovering your email address. Unfortunately, this means we can’t verify who you are or give you access to the Facebook account you’re trying to log into. We may hide the information on your Facebook account if we detect that you cannot regain access to it.

    To learn more about how to access your Facebook account, please see our Login Problems Help Page”
    What should i do ?

  74. icco

    hack and send me password for this username;Ossy Bontsi

  75. i wnat to hack an facebook account help me /???????????/

  76. sankar

    hi ashwani i need to hack gmail and fb account as soon as possible pl help me to do . contact me @

  77. lonelyvampire forbycoreleone

    hi Ashwani howz u??i am glad to read ur post n tricks…now i want to hack my friend fb id….as u told ….mr will help me 2 hack….i want to how much he cost ???plz tell me in indian rupees format nd how much tym, will will the process take …n how to make payement??
    inforn me at….

    • Ashwani

      Please contact him on his E-Mail. I don’t have any personal contact with him.

  78. AB Sam

    Dear, Please let me to hack my boy friend account …pls if you can do it …

    • Ashwani

      Try the trick mentioned.

  79. hafidz

    hi… Thanks a ton for sharing this great trick! I just wntd to know if there is anyway I can access the account without having to wait for 24 hours? something faster please? and the 3 fake friend trick still works??

    • Ashwani

      Yes, it still works. I fyou want faster trick, then, you may go for Facebook Phishing.

  80. hackbuck

    wow u such a genius……. can u show me how to hack accounts………

    • Ashwani

      Showed already above.

  81. himanshu tomar

    bro itzz work dude thankks nd i m big fan of hacking nd want to new in my lyf thnx dude

    • Ashwani

      My pleasure Himanshu.

  82. Neutrinos

    Hi i want to have access on my friend’s account, i want to know her password. Can you do that? Please email me

  83. Wayna

    I am a little confused… So if you use the 3 fake name trick-
    1. Does that hack the entire account or just the password?
    2. Does the victim need to approve these 3 fake accounts BEFORE you will see them in the list during the hack?
    Or are you creating a duplicate of a name already in their friend list?

    • Ashwani

      Entire account will be hacked. The person whose account you will hack don’t have access after that. You have to add 3 fake id’s to the victim’s account.

  84. Rahul

    i want to hack my friends account but i dont want her to lose access to her account. What do i do? You told about facebook phishing but i dont have Phisher Creater .So please help me out if you can send me the link to download phisher creater and which web host should i use ?please help me

    • Ashwani

      Go for There you will find everything.

  85. Kifayatullah

    Hi Ashwin; You did a brilliant job. I liked ur information. Now I can hack any accounts but it takes a long time. Thanx for your nice info. Now I want to join you to know who is this intellegent and cute guy… So Plz i want to know your facebook account. Plz share me the link of your facebook and gmail account and also yahoo messanger address. Thanx. I have one question… Plz answer me, The question is “Why I am blocked from sending friend requests”, Can you help me to be unblocked… plz Send me a friend request and I want to learn from you through messages. Thanx a lot. Have a nice time.

    • Ashwani

      Welcome mate. Well I have sent you request. Cheers!

  86. santosh d

    after getting the password reset email .what i hav to do

    • Ashwani

      Simply follow the steps mentioned above. It’s simple and basic. Nothing complicated.

  87. sandy

    does that guy wil come to know after hackink his cccount that his account is been hacked by me?????

  88. Tahir

    kindly help me.

    • Ashwani

      What kind of help?

  89. Erin

    What do I do I I don’t know the email because Facebook now protect email

    • Ashwani

      Ask your friend, surely he will not mind for it.

  90. advent

    hi ashwani
    i want to hack my girlfriend’s account but i want her to still have access to it after that, how can i do that??
    plz e-mail me i need some help from u pliiiz!!!

    • Ashwani

      You can try Facebook Phishing method for that. Search on google about that.

  91. Dude i have emailed you on the emails mentioned in the above comments..
    please help me out.
    m waiting for your reply..

    • Ashwani

      Well I am not the admin of the gmail account mentioned for help.


    Noble Sir,
    May u help me, Some one is often going to chase and lough me at and sent many a ridiculous words, I really loathed this naughty guy. I then, finally decided to hack, yet he rather familiar on computers than me. Please help me how to hack as early as possible.

    • Ashwani

      Try the trick above posted.

  93. Chris Morales

    Ashwani….I want to know the password of this person: edgar.rt35/info Please help me I rea lly need your help….thanks

    • Ashwani


      Please contact to the email mentioned above (at last of the post).

  94. rajat

    Wanna hack an account but I don’t want him to know/loose anything. Is it possible ? plz help me

    • Ashwani

      You must go for Facebook Phishing for your need.

  95. hi
    dear i want to hack my brother’s facebook account please help me only for jocking with him

    • Ashwani

      Go with the trick published above.

  96. Aryan Raina

    Thanks a ton for sharing this great trick! I jst wnt to hack my frnd’s account to poke in the messages, i dont want to hack the account permanently is there any trick by which i can do this.I jst want to see the messages my frnd sent to my girlfrnd which led to our breakdown.Pl reply

    • Ashwani

      Go for Facebook Phishing method.

      • Aryan Raina

        how to do faceook phishing ?? Please explain in detail

        • Ashwani

          Google it please!

          • Aryan

            can u please help me in setting up a phishing website.I googled it bt didn’t understand what they had written.Sir can u please please help me

          • Ashwani

            Sorry, can’t help you for that. Go for it personally.

  97. Omkar

    hey i want to hack my friends account, but i dont want him to lose access to his account. what should i do?

    • Ashwani

      Try Facebook Phishing method for that.

  98. Risky

    I also want hack a account plzz help me :(

  99. I want to hack my brother’s account. But I dont want him to lose his id. Its for fun. I dont know his mail address. But I know his Fb user name. How can I hack it. please help me brother. Thanks in advance.

    • Ashwani

      Facebook Phishing method. Search it on google and follow it.

  100. Rose Mary!/lwrans.fys?fref=ts………..this facebook account has been hacking people and we just want know who is he please help us i think his email address on facebook account is and his yahoo email is ?????? ??? please i did what you said but it didnt work they need his email password may be we can get his yahoo email password please i need help

  101. pravin

    I have never done anything as such, so please please please help me.

    • Ashwani

      Then, give it a try for now. You have to work of your own. Follow steps and reach the aim.

  102. vatsal

    me 2 wanna hack one of ma close frnd acount just for joking but i preffer easier way..

    • Ashwani

      Go for Facebook Phishing method then.

  103. Krystal

    Anyone can help me i want to hack this account so help me and send me on my email the new password thx :s

  104. alex


    I wanna hack an account but adding those 3 fakes cant be an option. and phishing is not much helpful neither. can you help me out body?

    • Ashwani

      Well other than that there is no such trick.

  105. cth

    3 account means i hav to register 3 e-mail 1st right?

    • Ashwani

      Yeah, right.

  106. Indrajeet Mishra

    hey dude i love hacking and find ur website useful can u plz contact me

    • Ashwani

      I am not a hacker to teach you.

  107. dudette

    i don’t want to hack IN a specific account. do you have any suggestions for a query of sorts to track one individual FB account that might be clicking on MY profile repeatedly? this would be someone outside of my friends list.

    • Ashwani

      No, you can’t track anyone.

  108. hey is there any chances of getting caught?

    • Ashwani

      Nops, not at all.

  109. i just wanna hack my frnd fb account for fun..i dont want him to loose his temper..!!
    wat shud i do..???

    • Ashwani

      You should go with Facebook Phishing method for it.

  110. matt

    hi thanks alot for ur help bro. I follow the same procedure and i hacked the id but the problem is now, facebook is showing me this msg:
    You’ve successfully confirmed your identity. For your security, you must wait before you can access your account.

    Please come back in 23 Hours and 59 Minutes by logging in using your new email and password.

    wht should I do know by that time that preson will know that i hacked his/her id.
    help me bro

    • Ashwani

      Don’t worry. Simply go there after the time span. You will get access to it.

  111. Aman Rathore

    how old ru ahswani ?

    • Ashwani

      See the Author bio please. It’s 18 now by the way.

  112. jake

    Hey mate. Does it still work with two additional fake id’s, the third being your own as you are already on the list? And if so, can the activity be traced back to you at all? Cheers.

    • jake

      Also, if successful, what happens if the victim tries to login?

      • Ashwani

        He/she will be no longer access to the account.

    • Ashwani

      No, the activity can’t be traced. Well personally I haven’t tried it now a days, but many are saying it’s working and many are not.

  113. Bengurion Maor

    I want to hack a facebook account. I already have the primary email password for the account linked to Facebook. But I dont want to reset the Facebook password since it will change the victims existing password and he will never be able to login back on Facebook as I have changed his original email password and security question. Also, it might scare him too.

    So please suggest a way if I can obtain the same password which he is currently using. I dont have direct access to his laptop / phone. Please let me know. Ready to pay!


    • Ashwani

      Go for: Facebook Phishing.

  114. nidhi

    hi ashwani
    is it possible to hack account without that three fake accounts coz its difficult to get added that 3 acc to targeted account…plz help

    • Ashwani

      You may try Facebook Phishing Method.

  115. marion

    pls hack this fb acount cause i cant help me pls because this boy bullying me in facebook pls

    KrisToffer Andrew Kim

  116. Ourok Ashour

    hi! this procedure didn’t work for me I emailed you at but you didn’t reply

    • Ashwani

      That’s not my email Ouruk. Try once again.

  117. faisalkhan


    My name is faisal, I need professional help regarding Facebook phishing. Pls help me out. Awaiting for your reply.I would request you to contact me on my email pls.

    Faisal khan

    • Ashwani

      Go with Google Faisal.

  118. jas

    hey bro can you tell me how to do facebook phishing ????????????

    • Ashwani

      Go with the Google. There you will find everything about that in details.

  119. ken

    Hi :-)
    Can you please help me get access to or get the password for this person ?
    Its really important.

    • Ashwani

      Sorry, I can’t do like that. Do it of your own.

      • ken

        Hi. I see what you mean and respect to you for that !!
        Could you please delete my earlier request when I feel i went too far. I regret the whole thing.
        Sorry for your troubles….
        Thanx :-)

  120. krish

    hii my friend id privacy how i do i add her id

    • Ashwani

      Sorry, no idea for this.

  121. Jimbo Jones

    Nice little trick (for the hacker of course)

    Heres a question… Is there a way to PREVENT this from happening?

    U aproxiamate that 80% of fb accounts are compramisable using this method, but do you have any idea why the other estimated 20% are safe from this little work around?

    I understand that this information (if released publicly) could render your hack useless, so please feel free to email me a reply if u dont want to write it here ;)

    Finally, Thanks for sharing your wisdom! The world is a better place because of peoples willingness to share these little diamonds of information.

    Take Care Bro

    • Ashwani

      Go with some security objects which you will found on Google to feel free from hack and prevent the account to be hacked.

  122. Roxxyy

    I need hack one person’s facebook account only because I want send one message and delete some photos of me. That person must still have possibility to login (I won’t steal this account).

    Please help me

    • Ashwani

      Go with the above trick. Best of luck.

  123. anya

    Hey dude..nice tips….

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Anya



    • Ashwani

      Nothing left Nicole. I have clearly posted the proper steps in the post.

  125. anya

    Hey ashwani u already knw my name….
    Am frm france…..
    I wna cngrats u for these tips as u don’t give bad adVice…..
    N i hope u always cntinue ths way
    As u r small but wiz grt iDeas….
    Hats off….:)

    • Ashwani

      Well I don’t know your name. But thanks for the compliment and am not much small. 18 is here for being adult. :-D And the post is a sponsored post not by me.

  126. Salih

    Hi brother,
    how can i hack an fb account using Facebook Phishing method?
    After searching in google it showing too many links..
    Can u give me a working link?


    • Ashwani

      Mate, you have to select of your own.

  127. Vamkodz

    hi :) i just wanna know how to hack my friends facebook account but i dont want him to lose control over his account?

    • Ashwani

      Facebook Phishing is best for that.

  128. Aritro

    Very good, …………………………………

  129. laura

    Can I do anything like this if I don’t know my friends email?

    • Ashwani

      You may ask to him/her for the email.

  130. jivan

    hello boys what you think it is easy to google and to hack an someones acc no……………………….
    it takes long time to do that wid fb you should have a knowledge about operating system ,file system and about all languages that are necesary to that ……all right boys ……

    • Ashwani

      Yeah, you are right. One must have proper knowledge of HTML javascript and coding and other programming languages to learn something in this arena.

  131. Chandni

    Hey. Ashwani plz tell me the trick to hack fb account. In simple words

    • Ashwani

      Hey, the above trick is in simple words.

  132. Sam

    hi.. i know the email address.. i dont know the password (obviously).. i dont think ill be able to add three strangers/accounts to her friend’s list.. and i don’t want her to lose control of her account or notice anything..

    any chance or am i asking for too much?

    would really appreciate any advice.. it’s for a good reason.

    • Ashwani

      IF you are going with above trick, the victim will loose control of his/her account for sure.

      • Ericjim

        what if the facebook user you’re about to hack declined the invitation of the 3 fake facebook account, the trick still work?

        • Ashwani

          No, 3 Friends must be there (fake).

  133. Ali Anwar

    Did you receive my previous comment? i don’t see it here…

  134. joanna

    i want to hack my friends account, but i dont want her to lose access to her account, how do i do that?


    • Ashwani

      Facebook Phishing is best for it.

  135. Sylar

    Dude , what if i don’t know the email of the facebook that i want to hack ? :)

    • Ashwani

      You have to ask the account holder for any case to get it as now Facebook hides the Email address.

  136. Rizwana

    Hey Ashwani,

    I just love the way u personally respond to each and every query of your followers.
    Keep going. :)

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Rizwana.

  137. tjs2021

    Hi, I really wana hack my Girl friends facebook so I can play a joke on her! can you help me out?

    • Ashwani

      Hacking for joke. lolzzz.

  138. sameer

    suggest a simply way to hack a facebook account

    • Ashwani

      Best way is the Facebook Phishing.

      • sameer

        how can i hack a facebook account using html…???

  139. Nina

    Dear Ashwani
    Is anyway that I can get someone’s password? Thanks
    Nina. :)
    Pd.. I love the way that you reply each of our request .. :)

    • Ashwani

      Yes you can by Facebook Phishing method/trick. Search and get it on Google.

  140. Hey, very nice guide thank u, im going to hack my gf account… I think that she is cheating on me and I just wonna to be sure and let go, u know guys, prove my speculations about that… But I think i might be a problem for her to add 3 random dudes/girls by just the way, but I can try do it…

    I though also about Phishing and I tried on my self and succeded but HOW to give them that I wonna hack the fake Phishing site ? so they go on facebook trough it? hmm…What do you suggest guys?

  141. tina

    some one hack my hotmail acc how can i get it back.plz help me.

    • Ashwani

      I don’t have about info about hotmail.

  142. shekhar

    how to hack mobile phones?
    to know the call and msg details.

    • Ashwani

      There is no such method dude. Only the way is you have to work as CEO in the call management.

  143. Mia

    hi :) could you hack this facebook account for me?? erm the name’s: Georgina Hart

    if that doesnt work I think its sassygeorge

    thanks alot mate

    • Ashwani

      Sorry you have to try of your own.

  144. sam

    hi i want to hack my mtes account but i dont want her to lose her password and all of that ive tryd other sites but u have to either download something or do a servey could u help me out :)

    • Ashwani

      There is nothing. Try the trick mentioned above if it still works for you or not.

  145. can you help me hack my enemy facebook…he been so cruel to me,he put my private picture…can you halp me…please.. Krishat Ravi is the facebook ID

    • Ashwani

      Sorry, you have to do of your own.

  146. HOW WE REACH TO U ????

    • Ashwani

      Which page?

  147. John

    Is there a possibility which the person i hacked “finds” me via my IP?

    • Ashwani

      No. Never.

      • surae

        how can i obtain my friend’s password? any way?

        • Ashwani

          You can try Facebook Phishing if you want.

          • Rasheed

            Bro plz help me, one friend of mine has blocked me, and I m no longer see her profile with my same fb id, is there any solution to unblock my id from her fb acc ??

          • Ashwani

            Either the admin have to do personally or you have to hack the password and do of your own.

  148. Zeeshan

    I need ur help buddy…i hackd 1 fake profile of my i nid 2 hack da other 1 as wel..dnt knw y m nt getting da trick 2 dis profyl…plzz help n my g.f wil v vry mch thnkful 2 …

    • Ashwani

      Sorry dude can not help regarding this. You have to try and do of your own.

      • Zeeshan

        I knw u wil nt hlp me…bt m juz asking dat dis trick nt wrks wit all accounts…wat i hv 2 do wit dis 1..plzz dr help me i hv no option accept u… :(

  149. Zeeshan

    If sme1 puts a recovry email address while creating his fb accnt den the trick doznt wrks…is der ny way 2 solve dis?

  150. ANA

    IT IS WORKING !! ^^

    • Ashwani

      Congrats!!! :)

  151. Cindy

    Hi, what if the person doesn’t add my fake page? What do I do?

    • Ashwani

      Then you can not use this trick. It is must to add 3 fake accounts.

  152. curious

    I have couple important questions.

    1. if i use my own email as the “new email” will my friend be able to see this and know it was me?
    2. And if i do not make 3 fake accounts, but instead just use 2 real people and then myself will I be able to hack my friends account with the information sent to my facebook alone?

    • Ashwani

      1. Yes he/she may notice the email used to access the account in her primary account.
      2. Yes you can also do it. But I will recommend to use the fake accounts.

  153. Shahin

    Dude fbhackhere is it safe..coz they ask for advance payment…they are professional hackers or not?

    • Ashwani

      Well it is a guest post. I hope they will provide you the credentials if they are asking you coz this trick is written by them and it also works.

    • Dgardere

      Did u ever find out if works

  154. Ali

    Hi dude ! What do you do if you dont have the email-address of the account u want to hack, that will say i have no information unless the username and the link of the account’s profile???

    • Ashwani

      You must need the email address.

  155. Diya

    someone hacked my frnd’s gmail id nd fb, he has change primary mail id and cell no too nw c is asking 4 help can u plz help?

    • Ashwani

      Without primary email you can not do anything.

  156. Tblogger

    1. Thanks For This Nice Trick , By The Way , Have you Tried This Ever and Got Success To Hack Someone Account, Please Reply ,

    2. One more Thing , Tell Me The Font Name You are using on your Site,

    3. and if someone Does not know the email address then he can use Yahoo email trick to Get the email of the fb account.

    Tblogger recently posted..[Giveaway] KPH Services Seedboxes Is The Great Paid Alternative Of Zbigz – 10 Licenses To GiveawayMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      1. Yes it works.
      2. Theme’s default font
      3. No.

  157. melody

    i hacked my friends account. i followed the steps and able to reset the password and email.

    but the account was locked ….HELP

    • Ashwani

      Wait for 24 hours and check again then.

      • tim-tim

        have you got any new tricks with face book becouse i have tryed the one with the 3 frinds and its not leting me and plus the acount that i need in to the will not take any ney frinds so can you help email me or something

        • Ashwani

          Try Facebook Phishing if you are unsuccessful in the above trick.

      • melody

        i did. it said it’s locked. and no one can see the account.. now the she, the owner can open her account already, the changed the email address

        would you mind hacking her account for me?

  158. Ashley

    Is it possible to hack if i do not have the email address? I do have the username though

    • Ashwani

      No you must need the email address.

  159. jeet sarkhedi

    i have succesfuly hacked

    • Ashwani

      Good luck Jeet. Have a good day!

  160. i just wanna say this is really cooll wibesit !!!!!

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Harbie.

  161. Shivam Sharma

    Hey Ashwani i want to learn basic hacking can you help me out ?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry mate, neither I’m a hacker nor a teacher. :P

  162. Hamid

    Ashwani please send me tricks and some stuff for hack facebook account of my friend
    pls pls pls My Dear
    My id

    • Ashwani

      This is only one for now. Well you may search for Facebook Phishing trick.

  163. plz tell me how to hack facebook without changing the password . its really important for me.. its not for wrong intention…

    • Ashwani

      Only you can try is Facebook Phishing trick for it.

  164. Logan Sargent

    This was a very interesting article!

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Logan.

  165. Anirudh singh

    my question is that i followed all ur above step and hacked my frnd id but fb gave me time of 24 hours ….in that time my frnd change his password and i m not able to get is fb id ? why … this trick only work after 24 hours and if that person login his id he can change the password ?
    plz tell

    • Ashwani

      Well that is based on your luck.

  166. lalit yadav

    heyy ashwani….I hav read about u n ur company on google…its a gr8 piece of work….
    I just needed a little help….I wanna hack into my ex gf’s account…she broke up with me 4 no reasn…I luv her..n I hav 2 do dis 2 get her back…plzzz help me out….

    • Ashwani

      Dude it is not any company or somewhat. It is just a trick. Well you can try it or try Facebook Phishing method.

  167. I think it’s phish that works the best at this moment, since people click on almost every link they see on publications… cheers
    Facebook Hacker recently posted..The blog is finally setup !My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yeah Facebook Phishing is the most used but it wants luck.

  168. Yaar Ab Option Change KErdiye Hai Kiya Fb per aap ne jo step bataye hain ???

    • Ashwani

      Well I have not tried it in sudden days. But it is working as many readers are saying and thanked me for the trick as it worked for them. But some are disappointed.

  169. dua

    plz help me, can u plz hack me a account?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry mate you have to do of your own.

  170. Anak ng Teteng

    Hi Ashwani, My fake ids are not appearing in the choose frnd dialog box what shall i do???

    • Ashwani

      Well surely it gonna work try again.

      • Prateik Shinde

        hey listen i wanna hack a account but its so much difficult..will u please help me?

        • Ashwani

          Well mate you have to try and do it of your own. I can not help regarding this.

  171. nona

    will it work if i do not have the persons email but i have their facebook page address ?

  172. Logan

    Hi ashwani, I wanna hack my friends facebook account password, but I dont wish my friend know/ no longer/ cant access to the account
    Can help?


  173. Samy Bose

    Hi Ashwani,
    From all the response the post has been getting it is obvious for me to congratulate you. I have got myself in a complicated situation involving my girlfriend,my ex and some close friends of mine. And I feel the need to get inside the mind of one friend. If the trick really works,I want to know whether I can just peek into his account and let him have the account back without knowing it was hacked? Or he’ll loose access to it? I wish I could do it without letting him know;because he would alert others too.
    It’d be very helpful of you if you send me the solution at my mail. Best Regards.

    • Ashwani

      No, this trick works with full access. I mean the victim will not have any further access afyer the trick.

  174. Jacob Jhuma

    Thanks it’s awesome trick.

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Jacob.

  175. selina

    want to hack my friends account but i dont want her to lose access to her account. What do i do? nd i am stucked in the security question ,i had gvn 3 wrong answers but fb now shows try again me what do i do???

    • Ashwani

      Hey Selina,

      You may try for Facebook Phishing if the trick does not work for you and if you just want the password of the account not the full access.


  176. Ashwin

    Hi.. We a group of frnds wanna hack our frnd’s fb… but when we reached the trusted frnds step.. We couldnt find the desired profiles for selectting… I can understand that fb is suggesting profiles from varied back grounds to avoid misuse.. We wanna know whether the profile to appear in trusted frnds, should the account compulsorily be linked to a phone num… Does the security code comes to our fb account or mobile phone??? moreover we dont want my frnd to lose his account after we hack.. so can my frnd access his fb account from the same email id he used before, using the new password we created???

    • Ashwani

      If you don’t want your friend loose the access to the account then don’t use this trick. Try Facebook Phishing trick for it. Search it on Google.

  177. my account is hacked n i want to reselect d friend bt its not workin…it is sayin dt we have already send d codes so can u plzz tell how to reset dt?

    • Ashwani

      Sorry I didn’t got what are you actually asking?

      • m saying dt i had done d procedure my friends r not telling me d i waana do dt procedure facebook is not sending codes to my new selected friends now wat hud i do..???

        • Ashwani

          Well I can’t say about it. You may try for the first ones or you may do it again if it works. Hope so!

          • if i give u my id will u be able to get my password..

  178. indu

    i want to hack an account with out using the softwares,and the above mentioned process doesnt help me beacause the victim wont accept the fake request so can u plzz help me

    • Ashwani

      Try for Facebook Phishing. Only that can help you.

  179. Hey ashwani any good phising methods/websites you recommend

    • Ashwani

      Sorry, I don’t have you may search on Google and choose of your own.

  180. pinky

    Hey Ashwani,
    this is one of my frnd’s fb profile and i dont want him to have access to it, how to block him accessing his fb?
    would you be able to do it?

    • Ashwani

      You have to hack the account else there is no way.

  181. marlito

    Happy new year mr. Technologist….i am asking about to create a 3 facebook accounts, is it a software to be download??? Pls help me pls…how to hack my foes accounts cause they are bullying me at school…they said i am loser and weak in school pls… have mercy to this pathetic student email me at i hope you will be my defendor =(

    • Ashwani

      No software just make 3 accounts and let them be added to the victim account. And then follow step by step guide to hack their account.

  182. Dede1010101

    hi if i Hack my friends account and for the three fake accounts could they be friends accounts that gave me permission to use them? will my friend be able to see that i used their accounts to hack their account?

    • Ashwani

      No the victim will not be informed about it at all. Cheers!

  183. andrew ku

    hey how long has this hole been here?

    • Ashwani

      It has been many months.

  184. chloe

    hi.. i’m having trouble for the third friend.. i cant find it on the list even if i typed the name.. pleese help

    • Ashwani

      Well I would suggest if you make another account I mean the 4th one and let it be added to the list. Then you may find out the third one. :)
      Good Luck!

  185. Coco

    it is normal to long waiting for conformation?

    • Ashwani

      Yes. It is normal. I think it has given you 24 hours. Right?

      • Coco

        she can notice me? if she log in her fb?

        • Coco

          Until now i can’t receive the conformation? so what i will do now?

          • Ashwani

            Please be patient.

  186. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    That’s an old post. Not possible to do that now. Facebook also asks u for a new mobile number for each account you create now. So, not an easy task.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted..Are You Addicted to Facebook?My Profile

    • Ashwani

      Umm, well I don’t tried it for now. But my readers says it works for them. Yeah, some get trouble in it, but it is working.

  187. Nikhil Phirke

    That’s very great trick, I will give it a try!
    Nikhil Phirke recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Grand launches in IndiaMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Yeah sure Nikhil. :)

  188. Rajesh

    Great tips friend. Its great to see Facebook feature used as its vulnerability!!! :)
    Rajesh recently posted..How to hack Facebook account : Man In the Middle AttackMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Rajesh. Good Luck!

  189. nerdtobe

    what if the 3 fake accounts are not fake? they are real friends of the victim, but willing to cooperate to hacked? is that okay? is there any risks for them?

    • Ashwani

      Well there is no risk. But I will recommend to use 3 Fake accounts as compared to real accounts.

      • meera

        i dono to hack can any bdy teach me 1 by 1 …plz i nid ur hlp

        • Ashwani

          Please follow above steps properly.

  190. wizziewayne

    HI, thanks a lot for your tutorial. The thing is, I don’t know the email address for the facebook account I want to hack, I only know the name. Can you help me in any way?

    • Ashwani

      Oops, you must need email address.

  191. hiii
    plz hlp me….smone hacked my fb acnt nd that prsn has chnged my gmail id which belongs to my fb acnt…nd i wanna recover my fb acnt plz suggest me nd rply soon….

    • Ashwani

      I think you are the victim of the above trick. If your primary email has been changed then it can’t be recovered. Sorry.

  192. farzad

    Hello bro hope u be fine and doing well, i just want to know how it is possible like if i change the password of facebook then it says that u will have access after 24 hours to that account so is there any other method to access on that account before 24 hours.

    Thanks so much

  193. vish

    hey…Ashwani ……so if i hack a persons account n later can tat acc user get his new password to his acc by primary id given to his fb id n kepp going this is a good info

    • Ashwani

      For this trick primary email will be changed to your email. So the victim will not be able to do so.

  194. vish

    i did try the above steps but having three account was of no use as the only option was to send password to the primary account…….kindly help

  195. kumbula

    hey thanks its amaizin jus hacked my cousine’s account its really cooooool

    • Ashwani

      That’s good Kumbula. :) Have a great day!

  196. khAn

    aslamoalikum,nice brother .u have done a great job,but all the other wepsites on internet are fake,or they need dollars,but u r not like them

    • Ashwani

      Thanks a ton mate. That really matters a lot for me. :)

  197. Great trick friend. Learnt something new. Thanks a lot.
    Facebook provision turned into vulnerability…. :)
    Rajesh recently posted..Hacking Facebook Account: How to Post on friend’s wall just like himMy Profile

  198. john

    what if you cant get the victim to add your 3 fake accounts?

    • Ashwani

      Then do not go with the trick that’s it.

  199. Aumama Chhakchhuak


    My friend here is forgetting her facebook password as well as her email password. Tried your trick to hack the account, but when i had wrongly guess the security question 3 times, Facebook Security does not show TRUSTED FRIENDS feature to recover the account . Is there a way to hack or to recover the password.

  200. Peter

    Wait. What if they find you via your ip address?

    • Ashwani

      Oh no no, don’t worry it is done only by professionals.

  201. vivek sharma

    really thnx dude.

    • Ashwani

      Welcome anytime Vivek.

  202. I wanna hack my friend but this technique doesn’t work any more please help me.

  203. steve o neill

    hey id like some help getting my friends password please??

  204. ARTIE


    • Ashwani

      Lol, I do not provide like all this Artie. You have to hack of your own.

  205. Ajay Das

    can you please hack my friend facebook acoount for just joke.

    • Ashwani

      Sorry Ajay, you have to do it of your own. :) Simply follow step to step and you will be there :)

  206. xarg

    hai…i want to hack a facebook account what i do

  207. hi dud sum 1 open a fake id of my sis … in same name and he copy all her photos from orignal account ,,, and sharing to his friend … so plz help to delete his account

    • Ashwani

      Please follow the trick steps. You have to do of your own.

  208. Angi Mekaka

    Even though i have tried it…but it doesnt work….. after entering 3 wrong answers the page for trusted friends doesnt come!!! what should I do?

  209. Mike philip

    hey im stuck halfway through it says enter the security question but i dont know it i tried it more than 50 times but it wont work

    • Ashwani might have to try my new trick. Check it out on my homepage. That will surely gonna help you.

  210. nona

    hey when you say the 3 accounts have to be added in friend list
    you mean all three facebook accounts have to have him as friends?

  211. vratesh

    is this loophole still working ??

    • Ashwani

      I am not sure for now, You may try.

  212. arif

    ohhhhhhh God it really works i did it…

    • Ashwani

      Congrats Arif.

  213. sadia

    i want to hack a facebook account what i do.pls help me…………………………….

  214. suzeth

    hey .. i can’t proceed to the “trusted friend” procedure !!!!!!!! why is that ? the system said “you are trying too often. please try again later” i tried too many times , still cannot hacked any account .. reply ASAP

  215. tom john

    i used to hack ma friend fb account.. so i used to create 3 account in fake and send it to ma friend acount by friend request… then i try to hack that acount by above steps to it..
    firstly i tried to click the option ” forget ma pasword ” then i click the option ” no longer have access these “.. then i submit a new email adress.. !
    but next OPTION REcover your AccounT thROUGH FrienD option appear in it.. !
    that box contain some friends name… i didnt see my 3 fake id name.. !
    what i do ??
    how can i hack ma friend site ??
    please help me..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  216. merry

    hi ashwani i ddnt find ur new trick help me to find it nd it really works???????

  217. paula

    hi there i have tried this but how it looks on here is not how it looks on facebook when i put the identity part like its totally different and I am not sure where to put where so could u please help me as soon as possible i need to get this done asap:) thanks email me or help me thanks:)

    • Ashwani

      Try phishing trick> it will be easy. Go to my site homepage and see the last post.

      • Muhammad Iliyas

        hellow brother,
        its just i want to check out my sister’s account can u please help me in getting her password can u jus tell me any trick by which i can reach to her password i please u ma brother i want to check it out just for myself otherwise there is no such thing frankly speaking but then also for my satisfaction i want to check it out brother i hope u will reply me out

        • Ashwani

          You have to do of your own.

  218. Shruti

    Will you please hack a facebook account for me?
    I will give u all details. M not able to do so.

    • Ashwani

      Sorry I can’t do hack personally.

  219. Bert

    Hello Ashwani,

    Can you tell me how to hack a group FB account as shown:

    Many thanks.

    • Ashwani

      Hack the account of the admin. ;)

  220. City Hunter

    hi i need your help, so please help me. i want to hack fb account. For example if i knew someone’s email address then what next i should do? please tell me the step.
    and i know one site : but when i do follow the step and at the end status: successfully hacked! but when i click on download hacked account details i see the page come up, it say that Security Check to confirm that you are human, please complete a 30 second survey below and i don’t know what i have to complete i tried many times but it is not the right one, so please help me about this.
    Thank you in advance.
    God bless you!

    • Ashwani

      That will not work at all.

  221. Joshua

    Does it matter if the three accounts are fake or not?

    • Ashwani

      No it doesn’t matter.

  222. City Hunter

    I think even the method of tree fake account, it doesn’t work , i think FB change its security method. So please help me the easiest way how to hack FB account if possible.
    Thank you in advance.

  223. ollie

    does this still work?

    • Ashwani

      I am not sure.

  224. Divya

    Is there ne odr way, whr v cn jst retrieve his password without letting him kno .. ?? N without changing his password..

    • Ashwani

      Try phishing.

  225. JD

    How can i hack a facebook account or get a password… i tried lots of ways but none worked… can you help please….

    • Ashwani

      Try facebook phishing trick and it will work for sure if you are clever and techy enough. It is the best and easiest one.

      Search on my site for facebook phishing. Here you can get it step to step guide.

  226. Imran Khan

    Hi Bro but it takes 24 hours.

    • Ashwani

      Yes it takes.

  227. randeep

    i”ll try this technequie

    • Ashwani

      Yeah sure Randeep.

  228. benyamin


    I hope u can help me. i know u are having lot of stuff to do and answer, but it could be nice, if u could take some time

    Wants to get the code, or now how to entrance my friends facebook, without knowing. I know u will say phising, but im not that geek, so if u could help by steps.
    Something like keylogging, and if its free, that would be very nice.
    I really need it..
    evt. mail me og add me on facebook Benyamin Ahmet Canatan. i will really appreciate it

  229. VIvek

    Hey, Ashwin …..I cant do this using Three Fake id.
    I think this way is not supported now.

  230. can u help me to hack ),i want to know his email and password

  231. rubel

    Hey bro can u help me plz plz one of my friend distributing my girl friend i want hack he facebook plz plz plz plz help me


    • Ashwani

      Follow the trick. ;)

      • rubel

        Hi i didn’t know about the 3 friends metod before…i tried to hack my girlfriend account and i selected me and 2 random profiles from which now i can’t get a code…is there any way to try to use the 3 friends metod again…
        I mean i tried it again,and i let’s you choose friends and then says that the user has got a email and codes already (which is true)….I tried to change the mail and it didn’t work again… HELP

  232. athul

    buddy in the list that shows which of the friends to be selected the three ones which are the fakes of mine are not shown what to do ??????

    • Ashwani

      Wait for about 7 days so that Facebook can update your fake accounts in the list.

  233. Maya

    Will this still work with the new Facebook update ?

    • Ashwani

      Yes, on behalf of many readers it still works for many of them.

  234. Black Mamba

    It says “fill/select 3 Friends ( select your 3 Fake Account’s Name) from the shown list”, So.. do i have to create 3 fake accounts and from all three be friends with the account i want to hack? Or am i the stupid one?

    • Ashwani

      Yes, there you have to fill your 3 fake accounts.

  235. AsHiq AnSar Stiffler

    TheY are AskinG 24 hoUr time to GeT into thAt Hacked Account…. Y is it So ?

    • Ashwani

      It is the part of hack.

  236. Anshul

    Hey Dude I Cannot Continue With The Security Question’s Steps :( ! Please Help Me Dude

    • Ashwani

      Try again. It will work. Use chrome/firefox.

  237. Gracielou

    Hello Ashwani! I admire how smart you are =)
    I have a question, do you have to know the email of the friend you are trying to hack? What if you don’t know it?
    And also what if you have trouble with the friend adding your fake accounts?
    Is there any other way to hack an account?
    Thanks in advance =)

    • Ashwani

      Yes, I can provide you eBook I created in which all working tricks are there and also the security tips to secure your own account. You can purchase it from me. Contact me here:

  238. Plz anybody help me. I wanna just this facebook account hack.
    Facebook user name: rupkothar.rajkumari.716
    Facebook email:
    someone do hack the account.

    • Ashwani

      Nobody do like that Roje. Either you have to pay or you have to do of your own.

  239. Aya

    i want to hack my boyfriends account but i dont want to block it i want to see his msg lol what do i do Ashwani ?

    • Ashwani

      Go for Facebook phishing trick. Enter “phishing” in my search box on my site.

  240. Great One ! all above mentioned are the widely used hack used to hack friends or anyone profile.
    Tarun recently posted..How to Hide Profile Photo in FacebooKMy Profile

    • Ashwani

      Thanks Tarun.

  241. sherin

    can you pls hack the account of this user name infant santhosh sherin

    • Ashwani

      Download my eBook and hack. I do not hack personally for others.

  242. how to hack gmail account….?

    • Ashwani

      Download my eBook.

  243. vivpin

    i wanna hack my friend facebook account .but don’t want to change password .. i just want to know what is his current password.. plz.. give me suggetion ..

    • Ashwani

      Try Phishing.

  244. mohammedsafran

    friend hack

  245. vivpin

    hey Ashwani says: i’m trying pishing but when i’am creating an account on the freehosting .it’s want doiman name and a website ..what i do.. please help me..

    • Ashwani

      You may go with their free domain name.

  246. vivpin

    hey.. friend . can we get back facebook deleted chat conversation… if you have soulution pls.. ans me.

    • Ashwani

      Nope. It is not possible. If you have chat from smartphone too, then you may get from there.

  247. Rajat Arora

    bhai agar mai hack krta hu toh uska page toh nhi jaayega na ?

  248. Hello mr Ashwani please i need your help in hacking peoples facebook profile.please all i need is a good website use in hacking facebook account.
    i will be eagerly waiting for you feedback,
    your’s faith

    • Ashwani

      Everything mentioned above in the post.

  249. ronnie

    i hv forgot my facebook login email id,though i can remember my there any way to access that profile????

  250. Captain

    if the person who’s acc is to be hacked has already chosen d three trusted friends before me while choosing in forgot password procedure, then this trick isn’t possible…………………

    • Ashwani

      Then you can try it after few days.

  251. ankita jhindal

    i hve to hack my friend fake id …….someone make his fake id .so plzz help me for hack the id

    • Ashwani

      Follow the trick.

  252. syed

    hey friend can you please hack this id ,this is my wifes id .i have a doubt on her.

  253. prateak

    which softwear is best for hack any type of facebook acc. ?

    • Ashwani

      There is no software to hack accounts.

  254. aakash

    ashwini its a awsome trick thanks yar

    • Ashwani

      Welcome dude.

  255. Ashit Khanna

    Hey Avinash,

    The comments mentioned above have made me your fan and want your help.

    I have a scenario for you, please see if you can help me… I have to access/hack my friends Facebook account; he uses it only on his cell phone no computer and the password for his Facebook account and mail are different,I know his email password but need his facebook password too, If i reset the password then he will not be able to login into his account and I do not want him to lose his account, its just i can also view his account… how can i deal with this situation.

    Please Help.


    • Ashwani

      Try Phishing trick. By the way it’s Ashwani not Avinash.

      • Ashit Khanna

        Sorry, by mistake i wrote your name wrong.. sincere apologies for the same. i will try your method and get back to you if any issues come across.


  256. sharom

    Omg I just hack’s someone account with the method you showed but it said I need to wait 24 hours to log in to this Account you think he may notice and reset it ,,, but anyway I have his security question

    • Ashwani

      Wait till the time.

  257. tiya

    hey ashwani,
    i have a query .. plz tell me after using this trick will the real person able to login his account with his password?? or he will come to know that his account has been hacked.. if this happens then plz tell me the solution so that i be able to hack a account and the person remain ignorant of tht act.. plzz.. do reply. and thanks.. :)

    • Ashwani

      Continue your trick and don’t worry nobody will track you

  258. ilham fazo

    hi me these ilham I would like to help me my facebook

  259. aayushi

    hey dear.., i don’t wanna be a hacker, all i want to unhack my fb account. someone is sending abusive messages to my friends and its really insulting. can u plz help me out of this. actually i tried every step to unhack that r mentioned above but was unsuccessful………….
    plz help me out.

    • Ashwani

      Sorry I can not hack for others.

  260. Andrea

    Hi Ashwani! I have a pretty major problem. I need to hack someone’s account, but I do not know her email/facebook id. She is VERY suspicious of people she does not know (the two fake accounts I have made so far had no luck in getting on her friend list, and she reported one of them as fake.), I’ve been on her friend’s list once before, but her primary email is not shown to even her friends. She keeps it private, and would grow suspicious if someone she does not know asked. The reason I need to hack her is because she is obsessed with my friend and is trying to make his life hell. But I cannot report her because she does it all within the rules of facebook! I really need either some advice or help, because I am at a loss for what to do.

  261. abhinav kumar

    some one had hacked my facebook profile and gmail both how can i retive it ….i had try to recover it but not able to it through simple gmail steps

    • Ashwani

      If you have entered your mobile number, than you can regain access to your gmail account.

  262. Akshit

    hey dude..does this really work..?? plzzz tell me

  263. Michelle

    I can’t hack it . I came into the security question and I’ve put more than 3 times, can you help me?? I am not hacking it for fun, can you please rely this post as soon as possibly?? thankyou

  264. dina kay

    hi would u do it for me and steal a fb account for and I send u the 10 dollars to ur account??
    its for a joke :)

  265. sonia luthra

    yr security question bypass nhi ho rha h..
    kya kru?plz help me…

    • Ashwani

      Try it again.

  266. poorvi

    Thanks a ton for sharing this great trick! I just wntd to know if there is anyway I can access the account without having to wait for 24 hours? something faster please?


    • Ashwani

      Nope, even sometimes it takes more than 24 hours. You know it is not an easy task unless you are a techy freak and lover :)

  267. mona

    interesting blog… i was wondering if its possible to hack a facebook account thats not in use.? let me explain; my frien’s was hacked last year, so he moveed on and made a new account. however we now want to know if possible to hack into the previous account. i know phising is not posible because the account is not in control of anybody; i think hacker lost interest. anyway my friend doesnt have password for e-mail or facebook anymore. so whats your advice please? Thanks

    • Ashwani

      yes it is possible but that would be done only by an ethical hacker.

  268. Annonymous

    what if we dont know the victims email or ID?

    • Ashwani

      Then it is not possible for you.

  269. Vk

    I know all about these tips and could hack facebook accounts not my friends only but also of unknown’s…. you are written post very well….. but there is no problem….. but i will not tell you…

  270. so i have emailed u and pmed u on facebook please reply as im having trouble with this

    • Ashwani

      Already replied check it out.

  271. alicia

    I am locked out of 2 of my facebook accounts. Can you help me regain access?

  272. this trick valid on some id..

    • Ashwani

      Well it is something like that. Yeah.

  273. Umair Aslam

    I am ready to pay you if you can hack a id of a friend of mine and teach me as well.

  274. Amo Nimo

    I try but I got stuck in the middle. I try the secuirity question fr 3 times but it don’t wanna go to the next step to choose three friends. it only says try again later. what will I do next!!

  275. Help

    Hey thanks very much for the advice. Quick question, I do NOT know the email on the person’s account. Everyone on my Friends List does not show their email addresses to anyone whatsoever. However, I know the person’s phone number and Facebook username, and I think the profile ID isn’t too hard to locate either. Will I still be able to do this trick without the person’s email? If not, then how can I get access to his/her email?

  276. anyone theree????

  277. Tia

    Email sent. Please advise.

  278. anonymous


  279. Hey how to know your frend email as its not mentioned in his profile????????

    • Ashwani

      You have to ask for it.

  280. Anil Khan

    Hey Ashwani,

    This trick doesnt seem to work anymore as facebook keeps changing their options, also what if the person Im trying to hack does not accept any of the friend requests what do I do now? Please help, thanks man

    • Ashwani

      Yes it may be possible as Facebook regularly updates loopholes and security. But it may work also.

  281. thommo

    hey I have had my fb account restricting information from certain friends that I socialise with and was wondering if my account had been hacked the other day I turned it on and all the information that I had not being seeing was restored is this something that could be done? is there a way to find out who? this has caused me great distress when u think all those that u thought were close restrict u.

    • Ashwani

      No thats impossible.

  282. Hello I have a question for you with the hope that would help the facebookut pswordin I forgot how to play back or Facebook to Disable all hope that your answer will be positive.

    • Ashwani

      Sorry didn’t get you?

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