Facebook: $1 Billion for Acquiring Instagram App

The world’s top leading social networking site Facebook is now unleashing a new app/tool for its users. After the great success in the social networking arena, Facebook is now forwarding for much superior apps for the users to maintain the needs of the users. As few days ago, Facebook acquired one of the most played and liked game Angry Birds and now it’s forwarding to the iPhone App Instagram. As per sources, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg acquired the Instagram and it’s 13 employees. The purchasing cash is to sourced near about $1 Billion.

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As per reports, about 20% users connects to Facebook through Instagram to share mobile apps but Mark Zuckerberg thinks that it’s not enough. So why, he purchased and acquired Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an app which has been used since October 2010 for sharing photos and videos on various social websites and firstly it was seen and launched in Apple iPhone. People share their photos on Twitter, Facebook and some other social networking sites.

There was a great boost in iPhone users after launching this app (one of the most used app was the Instagram). People have a great craze for this app. After noticing this boost, they have launched the Android version of Instagram few days ago. After the launch, it is to be noted that about 1 million Instagram Android version is downloaded in just 12 hours of the launch.

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Instagram Specialities & Specifications:

The speciality of this app is that it allows the pictures with high resolution and automatically applies digital filters to the pictures to give them a fine and superior look. The photo size it restricts is the normal size which was basically used in mobile phones i.e. 4:3 aspect ratio.

Near about in last 18 months, Instagram has about 30 Million iPhone lovers and users. This great boost brings up iPhone to a new level.

Mark Zukerberg (CEO and Founder of Facebook) said:

It is the first time that we have acquired any other company and its products which have a great craze in users. As Facebook users mostly loves to share their photos on Facebook, then this will be a milestone for Facebook and its users. Through Instagram, users can easily share their photos with awesome features and this also led to make these two companies close to each other.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned that it’s not such that after acquiring this company users can not share their photos to any other social networking site. Yes, users will not be forced to share their photos only to Facebook.  For users, Facebook also give some bonus features to this app and this will be a great competition for other social networking sites like Google Plus, Twitter.

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  1. Well, it is nice to see how a single app can change lives of so many people and at the same time, benefit the developer in such a great way! Also, Facebook did a nice thing by allowing users to use Instagram for other social networks too.
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